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BMW M5 does CA to NY in 31hours!!!

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  • BMW M5 does CA to NY in 31hours!!!


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    Isn't just video evidence that he was breaking the law?

    Impressive nonetheless.


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      he looks like a fighter plane pilot :


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        There was a short article about the car in the fall 0-60 mag. The car is fitted with a night vision system / 2 in-car displays, full-concealed front and rear police strobes, laser jammer/detectors, scanners, etc.

        A very organized effort. Makes it almost look professional.

        Too bad these "events" still puts so many people at risk. I like fast driving (at the track), but I would not like this guy blowing past me on the highway in an effort to break a record.

        Just my 2 cents.


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          Lots more details to the story here:

          Pretty interesting.


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            Originally posted by Dominic View Post
            Lots more details to the story here:


            Pretty interesting.
            This is a great article, I highly reccomend reading it...
            Chris L.

            Spray paint and tire shine doesn't equate to a "restoration!"


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              This was such a lame thing to do in my opinion. You cannot justify such speeding on open roads. 160mph?!?!?! Call me old fashioned.

              October 1987 build date.


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                I remember watching on CNN. I believe they had released the video over a year later after the trip so the traffic violations although videotaped would have exceeded the statute of limitations. Pretty fascinating yet I am sure any driving like that on public roadways does put the public at risk. I m sure we have all broken the speed limit at one point or another, some more than others, but I dont know about how safe speeding across the whole country is.


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                  Originally posted by UNHCLL View Post
                  This is a great article, I highly reccomend reading it...




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                    e39 baby!


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                      They dropped by one of the local meets last week.
                      They seemed to be pretty laid back guys.

                      Thats why I love SoCal...... You generally get to meet the car guys that made it big in person!
                      1988 Diamantschwarz

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                        I was impressed with how they managed to get from coast to coast in 1 day, 7 hours


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                          That is amazing especially considering the # of police cars on the road. I have trouble speeding for more than 10 minutes without seeing a cop. Although they were very equipped to dodge the blue lights. props to those guys that shit is ballsy.


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                            Did you see those diesel binoculars that guy had?



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                              im in unimpressed they drove that fast and long without sleeping. Then again they there were too drivers so maybe it wasn't as dangerous. I know I had to drive up and down I-5 twice in the same day and was behind the wheel of the car for 11 hours or so and I thought i was going to go out of my mind the last 2-3.
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