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My secret project of 2008, Ferrari Red Convertible (another one)

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  • My secret project of 2008, Ferrari Red Convertible (another one)

    well, I wanted to do something different and this car was just too tempting.
    My wife had the same cabrio when we dated in college, and I have fun memories of that time (1990) :jakeguita

    EDIT we completely changed the color of this car, from Candy apple red to Screaming Ferrari Red

    cliff notes:

    from this

    thru this:

    to this:

    now read the rest

    anyway, this is how I found her (hit in the front, dents, scratches, etc..)

    trashed interior

    first thing to do was to measure the frame to access the damage

    we cut off the radiator support (it's not pretty)

    in the meantime, I do complete tune up, everything new including the water pump, A/C compressor, every gasket, wire, belt, hose, etc..

    new radiator support goes in

    I change the suspension to H&R springs, Koni adjustable shocks, new bushings, new control arms, new ball joints, new cross drilled rotors, new pads, new brake hoses, new driveshafts, new boots, etc...

    sadly the rest of the car still looks like crap

    during the winter I found BBS RMs with Kodiak lips, mounted new tires on them, looks sick !

    the interior gets re-upholstered in 2 tone, white leather with black veloure (pimping)

    more work on the body

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    we find rust under the winshield


    more damage and rust in the back

    working on the body parts

    guess what's next... more nightmare ! LOL.. every body panels comes off

    hello naked Rabbit

    super slick, Fred Flinstone style, block seat



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      painting the parts

      the most anticipating day comes - time to paint the car ! :hippy:

      we were worried about the color not being bright enough, but it came out beautiful !

      just out of the spray booth


      wet sanding and buffing

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      the biggest headache of the 2008, trying to put the puzzle together!

      sometimes it took 3 guys to do it ..LOL

      Finishing touches

      almost done.... almost

      here is one of my garages today

      more pics to come ! :buttrock
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        Wow awesome project im hoping to do the same with a 83 rabbit/gti if i can find the time to fit it in.


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          awesome work Vlad. That car looks perfect - I'm sure the wifey loves it.
          1990 e30 m3


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            during the winter I found BBS RMs with Kodiak lips, mounted new tires on them, looks sick !

            wow nice work..... its a brand new car now..

            and what rims are those next to rks i guess ?
            addicted to GOD.
            No more ....M.
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              Nice project Vlad!
              Can you say 20v??:argh:


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                  Someone has a obsession with red. That's just my .02.


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                    Vlad, The Golf looks mint, You seem to have a nack of making your cars look cool.

                    Excuse my ignorance but what do you do? Do you own a body shop or something, Looking at the way you finish your cars, They must cost you a fortune.

                    I don't know if you are aware but there is a car museum in England which is run by the poeple that make the 'Haynes' car manuals, In this museum is a big hall which is just full of red cars, There are classics, performance cars to hot rods and all are red. I was wondering if you were aiming for the same thing.

                    Anyway, They look wicked. top job.


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                      Sweet project Vlad, Another project well done.


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                        Dude your insane, I love it. I enjoy seeing cars come back to life like that!


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                          5 classic convertibles in the yard today (can't see the 5th red one, it's under the cover)

                          few more pics of the VDUB


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                            Very nice Vlad

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                            Sell it to me; my Girlfriend is pestering for a rabit!
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                            Feel free to ask me any questions you have! Please email [email protected]
                            VAC Motorsports :mario:
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                              I think you have a red fetish.... The fleet is looking very nice. Stock 1.8L? A G grind cam will awaken the 1.8L up will not being a gross polluter. Tech Techonics Tuning is great old skool for VW, as is SRS aka Shine Racing Service.
                              Who knows where I'll be, changes from day to Continent.