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E92 M3 vs. M Coupe/Roadster vs. 135i

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  • E92 M3 vs. M Coupe/Roadster vs. 135i

    I have a DINAN 335i (4-door), but I'm getting the 12 month itch (I know, I know). Originally, I went in to buy the M3, but it was too early, and I needed to get rid of my Audi as it was no longer under warranty, so I settled for the 335i.

    As I see it:


    - best all around car
    - stupidly expensive
    - will retain its value the best
    - more fun to drive day to day
    - most practical
    - can get 4 doors if I choose


    - exploitable power (DINAN tuning)
    - I'd modify it (lsd, suspension, software, exhaust, etc)(a bad thing in my eyes)
    - not such a looker
    - chick car
    - cheapest
    - moderately practical

    M Coupe/Roadster

    - fell in love with it a few months ago
    - thrilling to drive
    - completely impractical
    - drop dead gorgeous
    - likely to depreciate heavily
    - good deals on low mileage second hand cars

    What would you guys have?

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    ...or, there's always the STi which I fell in love with also...
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    I'd say drive them all and make your decision.

    They're all very different cars, even if they all share the same roundel.

    My advice to you would be, if you originally wanted an M3, you'll likely want it still if you got a 135i or M Coupe.

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      M3 hands down if you can dish the $ out. and like you said you can get a 4 dr

      my vote for the M3 because the coupe has only 2 seats and well its not practical like you said, and the 135i is a bit small for a coupe with back seats and the styling im not crazy about! so got with the one badge that matters ///M, it will put smiles on your face time and time again.

      ...of course not like a e30 m3 would... but:wee:

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