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    Just looking for ideas. Selling my wife's 330i and she is getting my S4 Avant for now. Want something "inexpensive" but still fun. Lots of boring stuff out there. Under $10k, but preferably less. Need to be able to tote a rear-facing car seat.

    Hondas are ridiculous right now as far a prices. Looking at E39 5 series (540 & 528), but want to know if I am missing something. Fuel economy would be nice, but I only have a 12 mile commute, that is why I am considering the 540. Don't really want to go as old as an E30 for a DD.

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    If I were in a market today for a nice older daily commuter with good amount of space and 4 doors I would look into E34 525s. From what I've hears they are very reliable. I would assume you can find one in very good condition pretty cheap.
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      Subaru 2.5 RS is a great car!!
      Volkswagen Corrado's are pretty cool but maintenance is an issue.
      As so are GTI's, fun cars but reliability is something else.
      Mazda MP3's are pretty fun too

      Those are my picks... And you right, Honda's are getting pretty crazy in price!!!
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        E36 M3, E34 540i/6, Merc C36, Volvo 850r, etc


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          Originally posted by MTree View Post
          Subaru 2.5 RS is a great car!!
          Would love to get my hands on a mint 2.5 RS as well. They're great cars that
          need very little.


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            e36 m3 4door, audi s4 B5, e39 540.
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              Originally posted by chutrain View Post
              Would love to get my hands on a mint 2.5 RS as well. They're great cars that
              need very little.
              They really are a good DD, not all that fast but you can dice through traffic in one with no problem. They do great in the snow/rain too.

              I would recommend a Legacy GT for a DD that has to haul kids since it's bigger.

              My beater.

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                Originally posted by JesusFreak View Post
                audi s4 B5,
                I'd stay away from this car unless it was the 2001.5 or 2002. They had terrible problems with cooling to the two K03 turbo's. Fun as shit and faster then a bat outta hell but these are all too ofen in the hands of a person who has no idea of turbo mainenance. Most require $1000 of good repair to clear the air.