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  • Originally posted by 1990m3 View Post
    Konig ó how do you like the focus? Iíve been reading about them and Iím kind of tempted, but seemingly too conservative to pull the trigger! Would love some feedback
    I am really enjoying it! Just about 3,000 miles on it in 3 months. After daily driving the Miata for years, I was looking for a daily driver that met the following criteria:
    • ~300hp
    • ~$40k
    • Brand new with a warranty
    • Practical
    • 6-speed
    • "Special"
    Surprisingly, there are 4 cars that meet this criteria on the market today. The RS, Civic Type-R, Golf R, and STi. The STi and Golf R I ruled out because they didn't feel special enough, and I see tons of them in the area. The Type-R was interesting except that I just sold my Integra Type-R, and with dealer mark-ups I had no chance of getting one at actual price. That left the RS. I had driven one from our engineering fleet at work and enjoyed it.

    Realize that I am coming from a bunch of old/unrefined/compromised sports cars, but the RS has fit my needs perfectly. It's quiet, comfortable (suspension a bit jiggly as most reviews note), and reliable. It is my anti- project car, because I know that it's going to get me where I'm going and if it does break it'll be taken care of by the dealer for free. If you follow the automotive news there was an issue with the head gasket, but last week Ford issued a service action to fix it so hopefully those woes are over.

    The exhaust pops and bangs. Steering is fast and has good weight. With the RS2 package the interior is pretty nice - the seats have deep bolsters, there is blue stitching all over the place, and the SYNC infotainment system works pretty well; doesn't lag, lots of input options, voice commands, has both Apple Carplay and Android Auto. An upcoming update will allow me to run Waze through the center screen with my iPhone, on Android you can already do that. On bumpy mountain roads it has great composure, braking hard across off-camber broken pavement doesn't induce ABS or upset the balance of the car. On a twisty hill climb I doubt that anything else could keep up with it. 350hp and a similar torque figure are perfect for real-world use in my opinion. You can use full throttle and move all the way through 2nd and 3rd gears without getting arrested.

    Now would be a good time to visit the dealer and get a test drive. There are some '16 and '17 cars still sitting on lots and they aren't really moving. The dealer will be willing to deal. While the very early batches were hobbled by dealer mark-ups of $5k to $10k, I drove off the lot at $2300 under MSRP. If you prefer flying under the radar it might not be the best choice, particularly in Nitrous Blue, but it's still a great car.
    1988 DS
    1988 Lachs
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    • Excellent write up. I do prefer to fly under the radar but I think a black one could make that happen.

      Im just feeling a little old for the hot hatch market and although the civic type r appeals to me from a performance standpoint I would never drive something that obnoxious looking, even though I have family with a Honda dealer and can get one. Either way I like the focus and what Iíve read about them, Iíve driven an ST a bit and it was surprisingly good.

      To add to the thread I currently drive a CRV because my wife got a newer ďexpensiveĒ car so I decided to go the easy way for a while and save the extra bucks for my racing habit. Itís a far cry from my 6MT Volvo v70r I had prior. But, itís been a year, the CRV sucks, Iím getting ready to move on
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      • Konig
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        You're welcome to drive mine if you're ever in the bay area. The other color options (black, white, grey) definitely make it easier to move around less-noticed.

    • As the years have gone by, I have made a pretty much iron-clad distinction between performance/project cars and my daily driver.

      Having said that, my current daily driver is a bone stock 2015 Subaru Outback. Affordable, decent off-road capability, 25-30 MPG, dead reliable, great resale value. I won't exactly say that I "love it"....but it sure meets my getting around needs.

      Yes...I get a lot of "I didn't know you were a lesbian..." jokes.


      • I love wagons Ironhead. I daily a bone stock 2014 E63 Wagon. Terrible gas mileage, doodads and gadgets will probably bankrupt me once it falls out of warranty, and it's depreciating like a rock

        Untitled by chris tsay, on Flickr

        The Tacoma was the daily for over a decade but with the roof top tent it became difficult to park at work:
        Untitled by chris tsay, on Flickr


        1988 M3
        2007 Lotus Exige S


        • An old E46 325ti Compact. 330 engine conversions are supposedly fairly simple to do...

          20180216_153937 by e30 m3, on Flickr

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