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Car Club???

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  • Car Club???

    Is any one in a car club here? if so what club is it. Why is there no car club. I mean all of us on here are like a big pack anyway, I would join a club if the people on this site started one. I know I'm basicaly new on here but you guys have been a lot of help and really nice about everything. The E30 M3 isn't just a car.
    Would any one else join a car club of us? if so what would you name and would you want a sticker or a banner on the windsheild or something else
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    I would join an club in a heart beat. However I think that the M3 SIG has events and is sort of a club in itself isn't it? I was planning on joining the BMWCCA and the SIG however money put away for that is going to go into the car instead.

    As for the sticker/banner, I wouldnt be apposed to placing a sticker inside fo the back windshield. I'm not a huge fan of full length windshield banners though.

    I would love to have bi-monthly or monthly get to gethers with board members though. If nothing else we could do lots of canyon runs.


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      What does SIG stand for? and what is it? I have no clue but hear if all the time


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        Special Interest Group


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          I'm a lifer in the CCA, I just renewed mine and did the lifetime renewal.

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          At least it's German


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            The SIG, and the BMWCCA are the club for you, we even have a kick ass logo. The SIG is where the E30 M3 has been disected and discussed for years. The achives alone are worth the price of admission.

            How's this for tight? In NY we have our own plates.

            Join "my" car club, we have about 67,000 members.



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              I have been a member of the cca for 4 yrs. now and I love it. I just found out about this site the other day and it seems pretty cool. But how would a club work given that it's members are all over the world? CCA has different factions around the country, so it would probably have to be something like that. By the way, nice site guys. I was looking for an e30 m3 only site since I got mine in Jan.
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                already did OnRails...