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25th Anniversary Closure - Response to Vlad

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  • 25th Anniversary Closure - Response to Vlad

    Originally posted by vlad View Post
    I personally would love for my blue wagon to be at the 25th anniversary at Poconos if I could've arranged it to be there while I was in Europe but you would know nothing about that meet they way you pulled from organizing it and left others to deal with it without even telling or meeting them face to face, classy move.

    Also since you became a voluntary moderator of this site, why don't you give back the info that your are holding to this day to the 25th anniversary site? You were contacted on multiple occasions and asked to give back the info, passwords etc but ignored it, why? It's not my concern same as it's not your concern about Yan's car but since we are discussing e30 m3 matters I would love to get an answer.

    Also, why don't you tell Yan how you wanted to make money on him selling him your used front bumper for more than you could've bought the new bumper for? You never told Yan how much you could've gotten him the new bumper for, why is that Chu? I thought you were on his site?

    should I go on Chu? :yup:
    I did offer Yan my bumper for $500 at the time with a small half inch crack near the foglight. All of it was made known to Yan. I think that was very reasonable price for a front bumper. New bumper would have cost double the price. If he wanted new, then he would have gone straight to the dealer rather than asking for one on the forum.

    Seems like you have more issues about this than anyone. I have offered to talk to Nick (nickn3) directly and he said "there is nothing to talk about." His words. I’ve run into him three times from the initial point of dispute to the Anniversary, and he did not bring it up.

    And me hold onto info? You mean info that allowed Christian to continually work on the website and make updates on? And I still hosted the site until after the Anniversary and not close it before the event to screw things up? And because I knew Christian had all the info and I did not want to deal with anything Anniversary related, I ignored his email (only one email) to go through the whole process of switching account owners. I was going to continue payment of hosting until the Anniversary was over. I also sent a text to Christian as well stating that I did not want to deal with it.

    I had sent him an email later on requesting one of the forum members to stop by his house and grab my two seats that I had left at his house for storage. I later hear from the other forum member that he would not return my seats. Because I ignored his previous email of turning over the rights to site, he would hold onto my seats until it was done. I gave up and considered the seats lost.

    And to set the record straight, Nick accused me of "stealing" his logo and then claiming I went behind his back to try and make a wheel with Proformance Industries. And then on top of that accuses me of taking too much credit for the event, and claiming I used "I" several times in the initial Anniversary thread that I had posted, as if I was taking all the credit and he had no part in it. I always used “we” and “S14 Motoring” in responses. I could care less about who took credit. It was about getting people together, and it looks like it was a great turnout. And most of these accusations being made known to me by other forum members.

    He put up harsh accusations. I was furious and just ignored him for a bit. I got a text from Christian about site details and I told him that I didn’t want part of it and to forward it to Nick. Some time later I get a call from him asking either I back out or he. He also wanted me to draft a letter removing myself from the S Corp that we created and to have it notarized. This was two days before I had to leave for China for 3 weeks. And this is me also having to work during the week. Him having the most vested in time and money (which I do give him credit for), I stepped down. I did not want any money back from what I had put in either. I kept my mouth shut and did not bash anyone so it wouldn’t cause issues with the event, essentially transferring all parts and responsibilities to Nick.

    Since you are dragging Nick into everything and you guys appear to be good buddies and all, it is a shame that he had to play between the lines with you and Yan. The fact that Nick told me, and two other forum members, that he saw the waves in the bodywork and runs in the paint when you had Yan’s car. And then at the 25th Anniversary he tells Yan that his car looked good after all the filth had collected on his car from the rain. Real classy and I see why you two mesh well. He also mentioned that you had a little trouble putting on that front undertray. Did you end up returning all the mounting hardware that you didn’t use? And if you didn’t use the factory mounting hardware, what did you use?

    Oh, and Nick also told me that you sent those Mercedes wheels curbed to SonnyQ. And then you cursed the guy out when he tried to call you. Sounds like there is a pattern going on here, with misrepresenting things and then cussing people out. You also sold fake ACS wheels to EvoMMM. Yes, Barborosa did make a replica wheel and is one of the best out there, but you sold them as genuine ACS. You two went to court, money and wheels were returned to the original owners. I believe these wheels made it to another member on the forum and then it was resold to Yan, so you managed to screw Yan over again.

    I told him to watch out and not be caught up in it, but you seem to keep pushing the issue. Nick, best of luck.

    Trust me, I have a lot more to go with.

    I am done with this site. Jake, I am sending you a PM with a formal request to remove me from the forum. This site is not what it used to be. Those that are awaiting on parts I will be in contact and will follow through. Those that have my email can easily reach me there.

    It's been 6-1/2 great years on this forum and learned a lot. Also met a lot of good people, and some not so much. Enjoy your cars in good health.

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    I don't know the back story on the 25th Anniversary deal, nor do I really care. Churtrain, you're a good member of this forum, and I would hate to lose you (and others like you) because of this mess. I think thats all thats fair for me to say since I don't know the details.

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      +1. Will, hopefully you change your mind, and stick around.

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        Will, no! Don't. there is still a good, honest amount of people on here that make this site and community the best. You being one. You can't leave bro. You my friend are getting a phone call from me when I get off work.

        A special thank you to:
        archie, chutrain, carfantiti, ///M3 Terr, Jake, G2NY, Justin(OKC), Andyman746, dllance, NameIsStanley, JP, Speedvill, blyguy, MTLALEX, ///M0F01SD, Tom64, GK-E30M3, L James, ///CRISS, Das Boots, e30polak, DrWillb, Cactusjacks1, E30terry, S14E30M3 and all the S14 members who have showed support and contacted me.


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          Originally posted by shadye30 View Post
          For what it is worth here is my .02..I have only been on this forum for a few months and from what it seems many of you guys are nice but this forum is filled with a lot of sarcasim and hostility. I am not new to forums at all as i am active on many other non-BMW and non-E30 forums but this site is by far the most hostile. I also sent a pm to Jake this afternoon to delete my account but would love to stay if we could just cut all the bullshit a bit...
          If you plan on owning this car for a while then I strongly suggest you stay a member on the forum. This forum is full of extremely technical and knowledgeable members who are silent most of the time because intelligent people are likely not to have time for childish crap that's been going on here lately.

          If you are looking for a forum where you can socialize then this isn't the best pick. We rarely give group hugs here and you will not see 350 responses of the same "Sorry bro.. dang.. datz sucks..." to a post regarding a 2 inch scrape you got on the underside of your front bumper.

          Use this place as valuable archive of technical issues and a good place to ask a technical question to which you can't find an answer and learn to ignore the so called sarcasm. Some people tend to maintain the same degree of sensitivity on the forum as they have in real life and you can't do that.

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            Will dont do it!!! you are one of the good guys we have never formally met but your rep precedes you dont give into gestopo tactics this list and the e30m3 world needs guys like you


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              Will, you and I were buddies as well and you know why it ended better than anybody else.

              What happened between you and Nick is between you guys, all I know is that he put up a great show and went out of his way and money to make it special.
              I'm sorry I missed it.

              You on the other hand tried to put sticks into the wheels because your personal feeling were hurt.

              What you do is your choice but as I said before, karma is a bitch and it will bite you hard, same as it did evo mmm.

              You picked up the fight with the wrong guys who were not your enemies from the beginning


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                Give it up Vlad.

                no one here respects you.

                no one believes your BS.

                if they do, they are your friend off the site and/or you have them fooled.

                please find another site to push your shit.

                everyone else should just drop this guy and this discussion from their lives as well.


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                  Ok cooler heads will prevail..i guess this forum can get pretty intense at times and indeed is a very good place for information and would really be a loss for me if i left..I am gonna speak with Chutrain and convince him to stay as he is a very good person and an asset to the community...

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                    Reading Vlad's seller feedback thread, it is clear that there are a handful of people who have had prior negative experience with Vlad who aired their dirty laundry and altered the tone of Yan's original post. They do not represent the whole community.


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                      Its sad that there are a few people on this forum that bring it down amd make it horrible for everyone. If the forum keeps deteriorating as it has been I will completely remove myself from here and I have a feeling more members will follow suit. Real shame!



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                        Temporarily closed.



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                          Trimmed and re-opened. Please keep it clean and relevant.



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                            Will, hope you reconsider. Would be a shame to finally be in the e30 m3 scene only to have the one guy I've known since owning my first BMW leave.
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                              Hi Will,

                              I'll keep this positive - it would do this community a great disservice to lose someone who is as enthusiastic about our E30 M3's as you are, and an honest person to deal with. Stick around please!