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    Could ya guys recommend your favorite jack? I'm looking for a low-pro, long reach, high lift mamba-jamba. Here's what I found so far:

    This one has the reach and the height, and I like how it raises fast without an additional small foot pumper (so I can be under the car locating the jack while pumping with my leg). But... it's not so low-pro.

    Omega Model 25023 Extra High Lifting, Long Reach Magic Lift Service Jack (around $575)


    Capacity - 2 tons
    Minimum Ht. - 3-7/8"
    Maximum Height - 32-1/8"
    Handle Length - 53.75"
    Saddle Diameter - 5.5"
    Frame Width - 15-3/8"
    Frame Length - 41"
    Weight - 164 lbs

    I've seen the AC jack recommended on a few other forums. Everything about it is great except it uses a separate foot pump for the quick lift feature. Otherwise, it's very low-pro and reaches to 28".

    Specifications: DK13HLQ (priced around $550)

    Capacity 2900 lbs
    Min. Height 3.1"
    Max. Height 28.2"
    Frame Length 37"
    Handle 37.4"
    Frame Height 6.3"
    Width 18.9"
    Weight 89lbs

    Pelican Parts sell them here.

    Or, you could go cheap with this one from Harbor Freight.

    Minimum saddle height: 2-5/8"
    Maximum saddle height: 23-3/4"
    Pumps (under max load) to max height: 5
    Overall dimensions: 34-1/2"L x 14-1/8" W
    Shipping Weight: 102.00 lbs

    Sells for about $130 from HF.


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    AC Hydraulics without a second thought. Nothing comes close to the reliability and quality. And nothing comes close to the profile and lift, either. The only negative is price. And that's not nearly as bad as it used to be.

    It's worth it. If I didn't have constant access to a lift, I would supplement my DK20 with a DK13. I was achingly close to importing one for well north of $800 before the lift took it out of the equation.
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      I have been pleased with the cheap BIG RED brand I bought at Pepboys a few months ago. I think it was about $130, it is very light, low profile, and stores well. It is blue and silver aluminum.


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        I use the DK13HLQ & love it. It's a little touchy in lowering the car. I also use the Craftsman 2ton aluminum jack for the track & basic garage use. Both jacks from Sears have leaked, so buyer beware.

        A new purchase is this Tri C billet aluminum flat jack. I plan on using this jack in my trunk on the road.

        Mike K.


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          Originally posted by nrubenstein View Post
          AC Hydraulics without a second thought. Nothing comes close to the reliability and quality. And nothing comes close to the profile and lift, either. The only negative is price. And that's not nearly as bad as it used to be.
          Agree 100%!
          Chris L.

          Spray paint and tire shine doesn't equate to a "restoration!"


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            I bought this one on sale last year for about $150


            I love it so far. It's not big money like some of the other jacks, but it's pretty killer for the price. I searched for a few months to settle on this one, it's much better than I expected.

            Of course, I promptly bought a two post lift after buying this jack, so it will probably not see too much use


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              I've got something similar and it works fine. The problem is it needs a higher reach, it just isn't tall enough. The 23" max height of the HF unit above might just barely meet my needs. Anything less and I'm already covered.



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                I have the AC is a good jack.....BUT...

                The plastic handle on the end of the lever is IMHO underengineered for what it has to do. Mine snapped only a month or so after I received the jack (it might have been cracked in shipping....not sure). When that handle is broken a great deal of your leverage is lost and the jack becomes a pain to use.

                None of that would be a big deal. The big deal to me is that I tried extensively to get ahold of the manufacturer to get a replacement handle. They completely, 100%, ignored me. Would not even bother to answer an email. This was on a jack I had owned for 1 month. The place I bought it from had just closed out all their AC products and was no longer a they could not/would not help me either.

                I wound up fabbing up a "T" handle out of welded stainless tubing....and now all is well. But it was complete BS that I had to do that.

                So the jack is a good design, but based on my experience you best assume you are on your own if you have a problem.


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                  Thanks for the input Bryan. I've been very close to ordering the AC jack for a few days now. This thread was kind of the last check in. Hmm...



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                    +1 on the AC DK13HLQ. Great jack, worth every $.


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                      I decided on the AC DK13HLQ and ordered it from Pelican last week. It arrived yesterday and man what a bad ass jack. I like it more than I expected.

                      It's a beautiful morning here in Arizona today. Made better with a nice jack.



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                        Yikes! Something scary about seeing your freshly painted shell up so high...with no wheels.... I am sure it is secure but.... Still scary.

                        If I ever jacked up a shell like that on my driveway, my neighbors would show up with torches, axe handles, and pitchforks within the day. Guaranteed.


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                          You should see it now. I've got it all sideways on there with one side all the way up and the other all the way down. About to steam clean her dangley bits. Hope to have it down and back in the garage by the end of the day so the neighbors don't get too restless.



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                            man that's nice. I'm trying to justify an AC jack also. I'm currently using a arcam jack from costco and a harbor freight 'race' jack.

                            Jake how's that 2.5 build going? Is that what is going in this shell? I might end up copying you if that's ok...

                            1988 M3
                            2007 Lotus Exige S


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                              Hi Chris.

                              I have a HF race jack too. I like it for 90% of work I do. But every once in a while I run into height problems. This AC jack goes as high as you could ever want it, and then some. And it rolls so smooth too. It really feels quality. The pressure release has a small window of movement, but its very fine and once you're used to it you can really be precise.

                              Engines... well I have 2 prepped and ready for assembly and a third in work. First will be a stock 2.3. Then the 2.5 I posted about. The third is another 2.5 with some different specs. All just exploratory stuff. There might be a 2.7 in the end.

                              Of course you can use any of the engine specs I posted. Nothing trade marked there.

                              Take care,