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No More Cis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • No More Cis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    thank god, the end of the evil CIS gods is near... for those of you who don't know because i think e30's came with motronic, CIS is a metered, mechanical injection, that uses a barn door style meter... its a valve that completely closes off the intake, the suction from the motor pulls it open... this action cantelevers the fuel valve and adds more fuel...

    anyways its a real slut as far as power goes, the meter valve does not open past ~~ 30 degrees... horrible restriction.


    my GTI 16 valve is getting some 2.5" runners with mikuni or weber side drafts! i can't wait! this and some hot cams, and some stupid 4-1 headers should get me just a notch over 200 horse NA...

    i'm jittery with excitement i can't wait to pop my hood and have ricers be like what the hell? dual 46mm side drafts hehehe...

    rock on!

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    Sorry...but Get this shite outta herrrre


    Sorry but THIS HAS NOTHIGN TO DO WITH e30 M3's and that is what this board is about...

    The e30 doesnt have Cis and never doesnt have carbs, nor will it ever....

    So please move this thread to off-topic, before everyonethinks its ok to post about non-e30 m3 shit....



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      actually twm does make a double dcoe conversion for them, which sorry to say is higher flowing then your stock setup. :rolleyes:

      ez on the caps there tiger