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Screw you Photobucket!

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  • Screw you Photobucket!

    Photobucket has completely screwed this and many other forums by making their pictures disappear unless you pay. All of the wonderful tech DIYs, picture threads, etc. are now garbage. I know they have to make money but they just sealed their own coffin.

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    Yeah, I noticed that across multiple forums I'm on. How to kill your userbase 101.
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      I have been noticing this as well and thought, perhaps, it was just me but that appears to be the case.


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        The dirty bastards ! Just checked my rebuild thread and all the Photobucket pics don't show. I'd already switched to another hosting site because the bulk uploads were hopelessly slow and would often freeze.
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          There is nothing I hate more than threads with dead picture links. I have posted threads for years on many forums using Photobucket. So my choices are either to pay, or all those links are going to die. I suppose I could re-host all the photos somewhere else and then go back to edit the threads, but who would bother?

          This is pretty much extortion on the part of Photobucket...nothing less. They deserve to go down in flames.


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            I used photobucket back in the day, then recently (3 years ago) went looking for something new when I bought my DSLR. Photobucket would resize all images by default and the quality would suffer noticeably in this age of 4k video and big monitors.

            I still use my ancient Yahoo email address for less-serious subscriptions and things, and with that account I was able to set up a Flickr account. I'm not a 'power user' by any means but I've had a very positive experience with it for the following reasons:
            • Free
            • Does not resize my images (upload at 6000 x 4000)
            • 1TB free storage (with 4600 big azz photos I am at a whopping 2.6%)
            • Pretty easy drag/drop and album creation
            • Easy to generate links to embed photos in forums (BBCode) or to share entire albums
            • Automatically captures camera, lens information for a shot
            • Many groups inside of Flickr with some really nice photos that you don't find with a Google search. For example, an E30 M3 race cars only page that has pro-quality photos from contemporary historic races (not sure if you have to be logged in to view):
            It's not perfect, but for free it's pretty hard to complain.
            1988 DS
            Bay Area M3 FB group


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              Mine are on Picasa which of recent time has been taken over by google and now editing is a lot more complicated.
              I suppose the thing from here is what are the best options available to keep your photos alive from there links, one good recommendation for Flicker so far.
              Copy right, editing, ability to keep photos private or share etc.

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                I don't really even object to paying for a hosting service....few things that are worthwhile are free...

                What I object to is Photobucket changing the rules mid-stream. That is unforgivable.


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                  I've used Flickr for years and I love it. It's free up to a certain storage limit, but I think I pay $15 a year for unlimited storage. Very highly recommended and there is no SPAM or pop-ups as with Photobucket.
                  Alles Beste!

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                    I'd like to go back to my rebuild thread and edit it for all the lost Photobucket pics, but there is no option for this, editing availability only lasting for a short time after first posting ? Any way around this ?
                    This space is a sanctimonious shit-free zone.