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    After much deliberation I have decided to "maybe" sell the Sport Evolution.

    The details are:

    Originally a German import
    Chassis number ending 122
    124k km (75k miles)
    Jet Black
    Cloth interior
    No Air-con, EDC, intensive wash nor extended BMW sound system (there are no speakers on the rear parcel shelf). Hence poverty specification or true lightweight motorsport spec - you choose

    The SE has been restored by Munich Legends including a full respray a few years back and since had a comprehensive Inspection II at BMW and so wants for nothing. Maintained regardless of cost.
    Complete service history with a folder full of receipts/invoices including Fahrzeugbrief.

    The car has no dents, dings nor scratches. It was detailed about two years back. The wheels are unkerbed and the tyres are Michelin Pilot sport.
    It has had a recent new BMW exhaust system. Complete toolkit, first aid kit, etc.
    The inside is, dare I say it, perfect. The seat bolster cloth was changed by Munich Legends at time of restoration and so there is no wear visible.

    I have the original orange front and side indicators and the original front spoiler lip and gurney flap (currently carbon fibre versions fitted).

    Original alarm and sound system.
    Orginal BMW SE sale brouchure.
    SE Emotions hardback book with matching VIN number.
    Expensive tailored indoor black car cover as shown in the picture.

    I have owned the car since mid 2008 and have covered just over 1000km since. The car spends most of its life parked in a dry garage and if lucky used 2 maybe 3 times a year - a waste i'm sure you'll agree. Hence the "possible" sale.

    I haven't advertised it elsewhere so please do let anyone know that maybe interested. I'll take some detailed pictures including engine bay, boot etc. in the next few days.

    As for the price, high 40s please, maybe more. (Sterling)

    Please let me know if i've missed anything.



    Email: [email protected]

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    Good luck with the sale.


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      A special thank you to:
      archie, chutrain, carfantiti, ///M3 Terr, Jake, G2NY, Justin(OKC), Andyman746, dllance, NameIsStanley, JP, Speedvill, blyguy, MTLALEX, ///M0F01SD, Tom64, GK-E30M3, L James, ///CRISS, Das Boots, e30polak, DrWillb, Cactusjacks1, E30terry, S14E30M3 and all the S14 members who have showed support and contacted me.


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        Yes its a shame to be selling her but its a little little scary to drive her properly keeping in mind the increasing value. I'll be looking for a nice standard 215bhp late e30 m3 for keeps next.
        Hopefully it'll go to a decent home.


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          I win lotto I will buy it!!
          NICE CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          I have dyslexia so most the time my writing and spelling looks okay to me


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            SE in UK

            What a perfect car. I don't think it gets any better than this.
            I'm very surprised Nickn3 didn't PM'ed you yet? I would bet this will not last long at all.



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              Good luck, beauty of a car!!!!!!


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                Don't do it.......


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                  .....i'm already regretting it! I so know i'll have that horrible feeling once its gone.

                  for all those enquiring about the car cover, it was bought here as a group buy by a former member "Lectra"
                  The cost was circa 250 Euro and they are fantastic covers.




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                    Originally posted by sportevo452 View Post
                    Don't do it.......
                    +1. I was just going to ask where did you get the cover but now I know. GLWS.



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                      Good luck mate. Lovely car


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                        Schwarz 1990 Sport Evolution


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                          Sanity has prevailed. She stays. [peace]

                          See y'all at Gaydon.


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                            thats great's easy selling these cars but it's getting harder to replace them.


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                              Originally posted by sportevo452 View Post
                              thats great's easy selling these cars but it's getting harder to replace them.
                              Absolutely! I know a few people who regret selling theirs. Like it's the worst thing they ever did. I will never sell mine.

                              I've told my wife.... if I ever even breath a word or even a hint that I may one day consider parting with it.....that she has permission to slap me very hard across the face. And mine is just a regular E30 M3.
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