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Sport Evolution for sale on Ebay

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  • Sport Evolution for sale on Ebay

    This SE is also for sale on at 99,000.00.

    Good luck and happy bidding.


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    Gary I think that this is the car with the 115.000 euros.. Now the price is 99.000 euros..and the current bid is at 40.000..!!
    Not bad at all.

    Protect me from what i want..!


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      Now 'ended'.

      Schwarz 1990 Sport Evolution


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        I would say that we are being watched.


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            Spectacular car, but the thought of handing over that kind of cash to an ebay seller with (0) sales sends off all kinds of caution's to me. I would certainly insist on an in-person inspection and transaction.
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              'won' on eBay for 85K and back on eBay a few days later at 85K from the same vendor.
              This space is a sanctimonious shit free zone.


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                Here's the jackanory from a 'good friend' of the vendor...............

                "Just to keep you guys happy:-

                1. The winning bidder was a chap in Scotland and when contacted to say he won he ignored the calls all day then called back at the end of the day to say he bought a brand new X6 because he was not contacted in time.

                2. The second highest bidder was a 13 year old kid whose dad phoned and said he didn’t realise his son was bidding on the car.

                3. The next legitimate highest bidder was not above the asking price.

                4. The car is now listed as a classified advert not auction.

                5. When I said the car had been advertised once was because there was two black sport evos for sale on around the same price at the same time.

                etc, etc"

                there's more on Pistonheads

                Schwarz 1990 Sport Evolution


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                  Yeah, I read that nonsense as well. Not sure if he thinks we are all a bit slow or something.

                  It's up on Classic Car now for 85,000


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                    Guys, forget about theese quotes. No one will pay 100,000 Eur for an EvoIII as it is so "great" car


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                      Originally posted by AC79428 View Post
                      Guys, forget about theese quotes. No one will pay 100,000 Eur for an EvoIII as it is so "great" car
                      How can you say that, if somebody wants something bad enough they will pay whatever to get it.