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Need information about camshafts on 320is?

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    Just to add, the exhaust cam gear is different on the 2.0l engine. It runs at 102 degrees designated A102.
    So similar to the A100 cam gear that is on the 215hp cars.


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      Originally posted by jonnys
      The 320is has the same cams as a standard M3, actually everything is the same apart from a shortened crank.
      The pistons and rods are different as well.

      Matt, PM sent. I apprecitate your offer. I'd love to take you up on it but I don't think I'll be able to make it up to you anytime soon. Unfortunately, due to work commitments it may be several months. I am very interested however.



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        OK, To clear things up, according to ETK the pistons, Crank and Rods are different, the cams and valves are the same as an early M3.
        Suffice to say, dont trust what people tell you, go look yourself!
        '88 320is
        '88 M3 EVO II - gone but not forgotten : (


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          TB's are different too. also 46mm but they have a second pick-up for brake booster vacuum.


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            Hi guys another question on the same subject....

            In a previous reply I asked if anyone knew of a good place to get my spare set of 320is cams ground to different specs, does anyone have any imput on this, can be either in england or europe allthough I am sure there must be a good place in england.




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              Piper cams will do them for you, I have a set myself, pair of 320is cams regrind by piper to 272 and hardened. Havent fitted them yet. got some lash caps as well to reduce the need for bigger shims as a result of the regrind.

              As quoted by piper:-

              The specialists in prototype and small batch high performance camshaft design and manufacture.

              -In-house profile design
              -Small batch prototypes
              -Confidentiality assured
              -Quick response times
              -Sensible costings
              -Facilities to re-machine existing cams
              -Regrinding of existing Piper or clients' own cast cams
              -Extensive database of profiles available

              Tel: 01233 500200
              '88 320is
              '88 M3 EVO II - gone but not forgotten : (


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                So, what cams can i use in a S14b20 engine with the original pistons and with wossener pistons?

                What wossener pistons do you recommend?