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Rebuild - BMW 320is from Portugal. Need some help

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  • Rebuild - BMW 320is from Portugal. Need some help

    Hello everyone

    My name is Rodolfo and i'm a new owner of a E30 coupe 320is, or the italian & portuguese m3.

    I'm currently rebuilding the engine and I need some help with some choices.

    First of all, the car will be only used on street and will make less than 2000 miles per year. Also I'm planning (for now) to keep it original (192hp) and not messing with it.

    That said, I already bought a new original crankshaft because the old one needed yet another repair (0,75), new bearings (8+8). The block needs 94mm pistons and I'm thinking in buying Wossner pistons (4032) with the same CR (10.8).

    What do you think? Are Wossner forged pistons a better choice than the Mahle cast original ones? Also, about the oil pump, is the bmw motorsport pump with more flow really necessary for preventing oil starvation?

    I'm planning on buying a higher oil pan baffle.

    Thanks for the help.
    Sorry for the english.
    Also, I'm not a mecanhic.