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  • looking for 320is

    Hi everyone

    I have been a crazy BMW fan for 20yrs, ever since my dad bought a brand new E30 320i 4dr back in 1990.

    I've been searching for an E30 to restore because I always had a soft spot for it, I consider it a modern classic.

    While searching I came across the Italian M3 320is, which I've never known existed, and wow it is the perfect car!!!

    I've been searching for a clean and affordable one (preferably the 2dr, but still open to the 4dr), but they are hard to find.

    I found a couple with 100,000kms for about 12,000Euros!!! That is quite expensive, one can get clean E30 and E36 M3's for that kinda money. I also found a couple for 8,000Euros (still expensive I think), with 150,000kms.

    Do you think these are fair prices?
    Especially when I'm finding ads from 2006 for absolute mint cars (30,000kms) for sale at 7000Euros....what happened?? why are they more expensive?? and where are all the clean examples??
    And if I go for the 150,000kms examples, will they probably need a lot of work?
    All these cars are through the interent, so I haven't seen them, just photos.

    Please give me your thoughts, and also please help me find an E30 320is.

    Thanks and hope to join your community soon

    p.s. the s14 revving while pulling through the gears is one of the most amazing sounds on this earth!!
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    I write from Italy and I own a 320IS 2dr.
    It's not so easy to find an IS with low mileage, normally are around 100-150 kkm (but you've to verify if it's the real mileage or not...). However, S14 are very good engines and know people with 200-300 kkm!
    Coming to the prices, in 2007 those where lower than today just because in Italy there is a law related to historic cars and related taxes. Once a car has 20 years, becomes an historic car and starts paying low prices for taxes (20 euros insteas of 500) and insurance (130 euros instead of 600-1000). That's why right now you can only find cars starting from 6-7 thousands euros.


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      see if you can find one directly through Italian and Portuguese internet sites like, There’s one 4dr for sale right now (no affiliation):

      “compro e vendo” as a search on gives you loads of sites of local papers that offer free ads but aren’t well known to the international ‘car hunters’.
      Try something similar on for portuguese sites.

      The cheaper ones are pretty rough most of the times as it has been just an old car (especially the 4dr) for a long time and an expensive one to maintain at that. Good thing is though, that rust is almost never an issue and most of them are without sun roof but with AC. Many have been converted to LPG to lower emissions so valve (seat) wear might be an issue.


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        I'd suggest to visit: (correct search criteria:

        Good luck
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          This one could be a great opportunity.
          You can see it on the review Automobilismo d'Epoca number 07/2009 (it is the protagonist of an article about this model).

          The car is absolutely astonishing with only 81.000km and had an only one owner before this guy bought it last year.


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            that a good car to love you are lucky
            BMW E21 CARS BMW E30 CARS MK2 GOLF GTI


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              my car has 214km on it it pulls better then my m3 and othe is. it had a full rebuild and if it squeaks i fix it. so mileage is not a issue with these as long as they looked after


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                Hey guys,

                I'm still looking.
                Anyone want to sell his car?
                Anyone seen one for sale (by friend or on the internet)?