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  • Valuation

    Hi Guys,

    Just wondered if any of you know where I can get an up to date valuation for the insurance company from?

    I have spoken to Munich Legends and they can do it.....but I am in Sheffield.....don't mind travelling if I have to but.....

    I have spoken to a few up here Sytner and Alexanders Prestige but neither can help.....too old apparently.

    Thank you in advance


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    Not really sure how this works and who's word they would take much notice of, plus I can't think of anyone in your area as a ML substitute, but maybe ask the BMW Car Club UK who they recommend ? Best I can think of right now.
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      Thanks for the reply......

      Yeah......I think the same.....might have another word with the insurance company....(it's on a classic insurance).

      It seems a tad arbitrary to you said....Who's word is valid?

      I think they just need a figure.....but if anything did happen (hopefully never) then whatever the value I'd put forward, they would do their own research anyway to get an up to date figure based on what cars were selling for at the time....?

      I am not a member of BMW CC UK....they might be a bit snotty about me asking stuff when I'm not a member....? And I'd feel a bit cheeky anyway.


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        After looking at the BMWCCGB site, looks like they do theirs by pictures alone.
        Might be worth joining. I guess ML and others want a similar fee , plus you might be able to get back the cost with club benefits and discounts ?

        This space is a sanctimonious shit free zone.


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          Thank you....that's very kind