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Pistonheads' Chris Harris on E30 M3

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  • Pistonheads' Chris Harris on E30 M3


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    Good little write up.


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      TBH.....I wish the press would cool it a bit with the M3. It seems to be gaining a lot of negative comments on forums e.g. Pistonheads as I think many non-owners are getting a tad fed up of Journos bringing out an E30 M3 story every other week, in an effort to fill column inches. It seems to be taking the shine off. Too much of a good thing and all that.

      There is obviously a bit of jealousy or envy mixed in there too.

      Sorry, if I sound a bit negative but.......
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        good article. the 2.3l doesn't get enough credit. with the same money you spend on a sport evo now a can convert a 2.3l model to a much better performing m3......and same looks.


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          I think that the number of replies to the topic shows how much interest in the cars there still is. A good thing for all of our residuals!

          It has obviously captured the imagination of many petrol heads and remains something of a performance yardstick for 1980's sports cars and later M division cars.

          Guess that's what drew me to it too....


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            Funny about the wheels. I recall quite a few BMW reviews where the journo prefers the smaller wheel (E30 M3, E34 M5, E46 M3 for eg) but we all still want the bigger ones.

            I dont agree with him that one cannot have fun in the 16s, but then my engine has a little extra power. If it really worried you, then you could use 215 45 16 PS3 tyres.


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              Funny about the wheels
              The neutraility of the car on 15's must be brilliant. Quite tempted by the 15 x 7's on ebay right now, BUT, there are so many better BIGGER options that don't upset the balance with the right tyres. Admittedly I haven't driven 15 x 7.

              Jimmy, Eric etc run 15 x 8 on track over in the US, there's some good chat here


              The temptation of matching modern day performance to the classic car is a fine (and not always tasteful) balance. I run 17 x 8.5 with 200lbs/ft and I'm very happy with the balance. Feel the Harris piece was one more of nostalgia as he grew up with GTi, M and RS; it was a matter of time before ph ran something on the car.. after all they've shifted plenty of them!
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                Just thought I would mention that Chris Harris has his own e30 M3 now. I sold him a car that I'd rescued on behalf of a third party and he is building a Group A rally car replica.

                As an aside, the popularity of the e30 M3 shows no sign on declining, here in the UK. I have been fortunate in finding myself a car in Ireland, but UK cars for sale are extremely hard to find now.