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Split stream EV6 injectors for S14

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  • Split stream EV6 injectors for S14

    Hi All,

    Does anyone have a standard 2.3l S14 cylinder head and a throttle body on the bench at the moment ?

    I ask as I'm looking into the possibilities of using modern Gen III Bosch injectors in my S14. I've selected a possible conic pattern injector (0 280 155 755), but of course this isn't absolutely ideal for any engine with siamesed inlet ports, therefore, I'd like to expand my choice by selecting a split flow injector to fire fuel vapour straight at each valve head, rather than blasting the partition between the throats.

    If so I'd be most grateful to know the angle between the centres of the stems of the inlet valves, measured from the tip of the injector.

    If it's difficult to measure, I should be able to work it out provided I have an angle measured anywhere along the centreline of the injector, a distance from the apex of the measured angle to the valve stem, and a distance from the apex of the angle to the injector pintle.... something like the attached sketches.

    Basically, if I can't have 'A' straight off, I can work it out if I'm given B.

    Obviously, all measurements need to be made as close as possible to to being along the axis of the injector, without descending below the centreline of the inlet ports.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Best Regards,

    David Seer. Click image for larger version

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    Thought about doing the same with the ev14's. You will have to make sure you lock them in place some how. If the injector rotates in either direction, it's all mute.

    1988 E30 M3 S38
    1970 E10 2002 S14


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      Hi, Dave 320is,
      If you do an analysis of the gas flow and fuel spray flow velocities versus engine RPM in the intake port, you will find that the fuel velocity coming out of the injector is less than the air velocity in the intake tract, so the fuel never hits anything before the next intake valve opening, when the air containing the fuel cloud is all swept into the cylinder.

      At very low engine RPM, like at idle, when the port gas velocity is quite low, the fuel spray will impinge on the back of the intake valves, which is the cause of carbon deposits there with non top tier fuel if you idle a hot engine at all before it is shut down.


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        HI, and thanks for your replies.

        Fair comment - in which case, it's a good idea to stick with the 155 715 injectors as a replacement for the OE 150 201s.

        Worth asking !



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          Changed to Y6DC sparkplugs and installed a set of Bosch 0 280 156 211 split flow injectors. The car seems to like them ! The problem of injector rotation is negated by the fact that the unitary connector block holds everything in place. Also, while I had it all apart, I had a good look down the inlet tracts, and was amazed to see that everything, including the backs of the valve heads looks completely spotless. Also had the idle valve out - spotless too !.. Not bad for an engine with 170,000 miles under it !


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            Hi Dave, any updates on the injectors? Are you still running them? Are you still happy?