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Alpha N not starting

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  • Alpha N not starting

    Just finished installing the newest version of the alpha n on my car and it will crank but not fire at all.

    good connection to alpha n and can confirm tps sensor signal...

    Checked the wiring and confirmed fuel is getting to the fuel rail along with signal from throttle position sensor and af temp sensor.

    Has anyone else experienced this issue or have any insights?

    s14 2.5l
    carbon fiber intake
    schrick cams
    evo injectors
    dme recent inspection and repair last year

    Thank you

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    Go back to basics. Engine not starting means either no fuel, no spark or no compression. I assume it has comp, and fuel pump is working. So check spark. If no spark, work your way back from plugs to leads to coil to harness, DME. Then sensors. Check coil has 12v and signal.
    Also check injector pulse.


    • Evo3m3
      Evo3m3 commented
      Editing a comment
      Thank you for the input I have narrowed it down to either bad dme which I had repaired last year and is still under warranty or I have confirmed one of my crankshaft / speed sensors was not working at all. Two new ones showing up from bmw today. Martin with MAXX has also been very insightful with his thoughts also just strange to drive the car on the lift and make the minor wiring upgrades and not even a bit of spark...thanks again.

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    Got it figured out had a bad crankshaft position sensor on the bell-housing now time to tune the car!


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      Congrats on finding the problem!
      I had an intermittent start problem that I was hoping was the CPS.
      Mine turned out to be the ecu... Back then (2007), e30 m3 were relatively cheap and I bought an ECU on ebay for $100!