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DTA stand alone Ems help needed

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  • DTA stand alone Ems help needed

    I have recently fitted a DTA ecu along with a new engine wiring loom,I’ve got it up and running but still a few bits to do, I would like to use the original tachometer for now, does anybody know which colour wire I need to connect to coming from the techometer.

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    The round connector on the bulkhead next to the fuse box is the C101 connector.

    The pinouts are listed below:

    1988 C101 Pin Out:

    Early C101 pinout list:

    1 Exciter signal; to diagnostic pin 12
    2 GND
    3 NC
    4 Water temp sensor; to diagnostic pin 4
    5 Low oil pressure switch
    6 Purge valve relay; to diagnostic pin 16
    7 Ignition coil; power from OBC relay
    8 Fuel consumption rate; from ECU pin 11
    9 Engine rpm; from ECU pin 21
    10 GND
    11 SI reset; to diagnostic pin 7
    12 NC
    13 Fuel pump / injectors
    14 NC
    15 GND for K5 + K7 start/unloader relays
    16 Airbag; to diagnostic pin 6
    17 NC
    18 Start signal from ECU pin 4
    19 Oil temp sensor
    20 NC pre-89; to ABS ECU post-89

    1990 C101 Pin Out:

    1 - Alternator exciter signal (blue wires).
    2 - Static oil level "signal" to check control unit.
    4 - water temp signal to water temp gauge.
    5 - Low oil press. signal to idiot light.
    6 - Power to diag. connector and purge valve relay from fuse 9.
    7 - Power to ignition coil and main relay from OBC relay.
    8 - Fuel consumption signal from ECU to OBC.
    9 - RPM signal from ECU to tachometer.
    10 - Dynamic oil level "signal" to check control unit.
    11 - Service interval reset line to diag. connector.
    13 - Power to fuse 11/fuel pumps from fuel pump relay.
    15 - K5 and K7 "ground" to starter coils.
    16 - SRS line to diag. connector.
    18 - Start signal.
    19 - Oil temp signal to oil temp gauge.
    20 - GND one side only. NC on other side. Used in early production.

    Pin 9 is what you are looking for.
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      Oh ok , so do the wires from the instruments go to the c 101 connector then on to the original Ecu?,


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        Correct. C101 interfaces engine lom with chassis loom.
        Sport Evo No.47

        My Sport Evo Restoration


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          That great thanks for the help