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Need help with latest impass

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  • Need help with latest impass

    Click image for larger version  Name:	F4A8F601-C54D-447C-9F54-611EDE631F17.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	839.8 KB ID:	1302680 Trying to link my Dell Windows XT laptop to the AN module in the car. I have both version 3.24 and 3.28 loaded.

    When I select Settings>Com Port to set up the com port I get the two screens shown below Click image for larger version  Name:	B40B9389-24C6-4510-AB03-05A630392301.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	805.3 KB ID:	1302679

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    Sent an Email to Martin. Hoping to hear something. In the meantime, hoping someone here could help.


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      Could be a permissions problem where the program needs elevated privileges. I haven't used XP in ages but I think you can right click the program and chose run as administrator.

      As an aside, the Maxx software works fine on Win 10 and has fewer connectivity issues with the more modern OS


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        OK, figured out this one:

        right click the Program - a screen comes up on my notebook that includes a check box that turns on a virus protection feature. Un-click the box - viola. the program runs as advertised

        Yay!! Thanks Mick for sending me down the right click path.