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New Design Airbox for Alpha-N Conversions

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  • New Design Airbox for Alpha-N Conversions

    I've been planning on doing an AN conversion this year and as part of that I'm preparing an airbox that can be used with the stock plenum. I'd love to have the CF plenum, but it's very expensive!

    Please consider this an FYI, and I bring it now up to possibly increase the number of participants in the Maxx AN group buy so that it will be a go - I'm on the list.

    The new airbox is designed to look OEM to help us California smog inspection guys, to flow well using the effective OEM airfilter element, and to be much (much) less expensive than the CF plenum.

    The photos below show the clay model developed in the process of making the mold. This new airbox is a fiberglass shell that is bonded onto the bottom of the OEM upper airbox. In this way the original airfilter element and lower airbox can be used. An attached mounting bracket uses the original mounts on the inner fender. Black crackle paint completes the OEM look.

    If all goes well this project should be finished in 30-60 days, possibly by the time the group buy parts are available. The mold in is process now.


    Group Buy: See John's & Revmaster's posts (sorry, I don't know how to attach the links!)

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    thats excellent work


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      excellent! that is exactly what I was planning to do. Only difference to my plans is the "standard" location of the pipe boss.
      I have a second plenum I can butcher and wanted to use this to increase the diameter of the intake and mould the 90deg rubber ellbow part into the airfilter top. Just a straight rubber pipe to the plenum as "connection".
      But as long the bottom part of the airfilter housing remains stock I don't think there is a need for larger pipes to the plenum.
      Are you planning a small run and how much will a part be?

      Goodbye M3, you served me well.


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        Great just what I would like as well. If it goes into production I would put my name down for one.



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          Very nice. Much better than my bodge jub.

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            Link to what I did


            It's 4 inches all the way to the plenum, with the added benefit of a forced cold air feed.

            That looks good though, combined with something like the above would look alot neater, though I doubt to be honest it would flow better. What sort of venturi will be on the inside of this upper airbox design? that might make a difference.
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              That looks great, but won't the smog techs still be looking for some kind of AFM or similar device?


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                Nice! I'm in the market for something like this too. I've got the Maxx but need a way to plumb it. I'm not an engineer so take it with a grain of salt, but it seems like flow would be improved with a venturi inside the box. Has that been considered?

                Thanks for working on this Ron.


                Edit: After looking at your mock up again, did you intend to slope the back of the airbox/hose flange to provide a kind of venturi?
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                  I'm all for hearing more on progress before the July 20 deadline hits for the A - N GB. This sounds like a winner on the pocketbook too! Excellent Idea!


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                    Being's that I just paid for an Alpha-N, I'm interested in one of these.


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                      Ron, et al,

                      My new engine just passed Colorado emissions with flying colors! [peace]

                      Now it's time to install the Maxx I've had waiting in its box for almost 2 years. :p

                      Sooooo... Ron - how's this promising project going???


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                        yeah, how is it coming? I just hooked up my alpha/n this week with my homegrown intake. I actually quite like my intake, I just don't think it's ideal for power gains.

                        I'm interested in one of your pieces Ron, keep us all posted

                        Dietrich-- congrats on emissions, how's that new motor feel? My car feels like a bat out of hell right now with the alpha/n!


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                          Hey Guys,
                          The project is moving along, and the mold is half finished now. The first test part should be made within two weeks.



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                            How much do you expect it to cost? I assume that is a 4" tube you have to connect it to the plenium?

                            If a group shipment is best for the UK then I'm willing to gather the orders at this end.
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                              Ron, are you going to have a provision in there for the MAP sensor that we all need to install? Or are we on our own with that one? Me likey