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    The 14point7 unit was also my first attempt at using a wideband. I am still happy with the purchase even though I have not been using it for the last few weeks. Either unit you mention will provide the wideband. But based my my research the data logging of the SLC seemed better. I did not want to run around with the laptop in the car. Maybe the LC1 has better logging capability but I just don't know.

    All in all the difficult part is not which wideband you use but how you interpret the data. I still have a low speed/RPM glitch in my Miller WAR chip tune.



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      Originally posted by Apex Speed Tech View Post
      We've used many, many systems. Apex has done PLX, Innovative, SLC, Daytona Sensors & FJO just in the last year, and we're pretty much exclusively using the new AEM Inline Wideband now. At $179, its the best value, most consistent and we've had no issues at all. They've been more reliable than anything in the market.

      Neel, I might just have you guys add this to my order as you have such a good success rate with it. I'll be in touch.


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        Are any of you guys running the 14point7 with maxx? I'm thinking about replacing my innovative unit with this, so any feedback would be much appreciated.