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    I fell into the E30 scene about 2 years ago when I bought my first one. A 1991 318iS with a blown motor that I swapped a 540i 4.4L V8 into. It was a fun project that taught me a lot and I finally got the car running this summer. A few months back I went to purchase a roll cage for the 318iS and I stumbled upon, what to most is sacrilege, but to me was the best of both worlds a LS1 E30 M3. Long story short the car was purchased and is my new project.

    There is no point in keeping the 318iS so that is getting buttoned up and sold in the spring. After that is done, I will start focusing more on the M3. I will keep this thread updated with progress. First on the list is a cam and some paint. I have never been to a legitimate race track before and look forward to doing so my first time next year.

    Onto the fun stuff - build details and pictures:
    - Apex ARC8 17x9 wheels
    - Racelogic traction control
    - Garagistic reverse mount pedal bracket
    - Wilwood reverse mount pedals with 3 new master cylinders
    - Cable actuated brake bias adjuster
    - Massive Aluminum Throttle pedal
    - Windshield cowl forward the chassis has been completely seam welded and professionally primed
    - EVOIII front fenders with higher cut lip for increased tire size clearance
    - Carbon Fiber EVOIII rear wing with standard size flap
    - Ground Control coilovers with Koni adjustables
    - Ground Control upper camber plates
    - 22mm / 19mm swaybars
    - Bimmerworld solid offset control arm mount
    - Bimmerworld adjustable sway bar links
    - Flaming River steering knuckle
    - ArcAsylum LS1 engine and T56 trans mounts (based in DePere,
    - ArcAsylum LS1 longtube headers and custom 3" back exhaust with V-Band clamps
    - Custom driveshaft with split yoke at T56 for easy removal and installation
    - 65k Matching LS1, T56, harness, Computer from 2000 Camaro SS
    - SLP underdrive crank pulley
    - LS2 Corvette water pump w/ custom spacers for alignment
    - LS6 intake manifold and valley cover/PCV system
    - Mark Norris billet PCV catch can
    - Lotek throttle cable
    - Canton 7 quart oil pan with 4 trap doors surrounding sump as used on Nissan Drift cars
    - Canton remote oil filter mount with push fit AN hose hooked up from oil pan through to oil cooler
    - MGW short shifter
    - Monster Stage 3 clutch with new throwout bearing / slave cylinder

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    Why were the strut towers raised? What front uprights does it have?


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      The strut towers were raised to maintain the stock geometry with the lowered suspension.

      Front uprights - are you talking shocks?


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        Yeah are the fronts E30 or are they E36? I am going to be fitting 17x9 ARC8's with 255/40 rubber and that what it looks like you have one there. Did you get any rubbing with moving the wheel further up into the wheel well? Did you move up the front subframe mounting points of the control arm too?


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          I built my M62 318is, but bought this one as is so forgive some of the ignorance on its current state.

          I believe the front is completely E30. Previous owner told me it would take some work to get the 17X9 square setup with 245s work without rubbing up front.

          Subframe and control arms look to be all stock.