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E30 M3 w/ E90 suspension and M5 V10

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  • E30 M3 w/ E90 suspension and M5 V10

    Hello members. I'm Robbie, manager of Piper Motorsport. I heard about this website from BMW customers of ours and figured I'd stop by and share a new project we are currently working on.

    We started with a 1988 BMW M3. We built a custom chassis for the M3 body on a chassis jig using all new 2007 BMW E90 front/rear subframes and components including E90 differential and all the E90 suspension as well. To power the new chassis is a 2007 M5 V10 engine and trans. We built the chassis with the motor and trans positioned in the ideal location for the cars weight balance. The subframe and suspension components were assembled on the chassis jig to fit within the factory E30 M3 tub. The car will be equipped with E90 MOTON Club Sport suspension, E90 Brembo Gran Turismo brake kit (large) and MOTEC engine management.

    I have plenty more information on this build, which is still in progress, on the car domain page I've created which is updated a few times a week. Once I have some more time I will also upload all the info onto our website. Feel free to ask any questions!

    Robbie C.

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    Wow, what a project! Keep us updated.


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      I believe a member here, frankenauto, has already posted some information on this build. Would love to see more pictures and hear some of the problems you guys ran into.


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        awesome build, great project and super clean shop !

        moaaar pics please !


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          That is definitely one of the cooler projects I have seen....

          I wish I had the $$ and location and skills and imagination to do something like that.....


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            This is the next Evolution for the greatest M3 ever. The project looks like its being done right. I expect this project to grace the cover of car magazines around the world once it's done. Keep up the great work.



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              subscribed. That is going to be an awesome build!!


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                I love the idea, similar to the current "restomod" phase for older muscle cars. Like Vlad said...spectacular shop and tooling. Looking forward to seeing the beast completed.
                Where is this shop located?
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                  Is this Leith's car?

                  Good luck on the project! Very nice shop you guys have~

                  Don McAdams
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                    Very nice.. That engine looks huge in the engine bay..

                    1989 m3


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                      I can only say "WOW"! I wonder how the car is going to drive? It'll still look like an E30 M3 (hopefully that's the intention) with the brick-like aero, but accelerate much faster than the M5 because it should be much lighter. Will it handle better than the E30 M3 because of the E90 suspension pieces? Interesting...probably the most radical E30 M3 transplant project ever!



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                        That looks like a crazy project!! Can't said to see the build in process.

                        BTW, you should be getting some exposure soon I told my buddy @ CD about your post. I think he will blog it and said he will tell the GRM guys.

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                          Oh my god. :surprised There goes the neighborhood. I think even I can set aside my purest beliefs and watch this come together with enthusiasm! Looking forward to the transformation.



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                            amazing fabrication work
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                              Fantastic, incredible !!!