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Need advice - s14 cracked block - goto s52?

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  • Need advice - s14 cracked block - goto s52?


    So the dude I got the 1989 m3 from (ebay) didn't think it important to mention the crack in the block (WTF)! So now I can rebuild it (found a used block) for a bunch of money - or drop in an s52 - but it too would be rebuilt. I could then sell the s14 to recover some of the expense.

    If I do the swap - what all would I need to do? Is the tranny OK from the e30? Are the engine mounting points the same? What about the exhaust too?

    I'm really bummed that the dude didn't tell me. Ebay won't help because the car is more than 10 years old! Sucks!



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    That really sucks.
    I think I will also be swapping after my S14 is dead.
    But I will pick S54 over S52.


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      My advice would be to drive 2 ( healthy ) cars with those motors on an open road.

      The S52 is cheaper, parts and aftermarket is cheaper but requires lightening up the front end due to the heavier motor and some suspension tuning.


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        How bad is the crack and is it leaking water or oil? There is a product over here called chemi-weld for fixing crackes in the water jacket of the block, this may buy you some time.
        I am all for keeping it original and swapping your parts on to the replacement block and giving it a refresh at the same time.
        May not be to bad when you get stuck into it.
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          US S52 is not really worth swapping but the Euro s50 or the S54 is the way to go.


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            Hi Chris
            I suggest you disclose the name of the dude who sold you the car. Jut so that other people don't get shafted too.


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              Try to keep it S14, if you still want to swap go with the S54
              S50B32 swap is starting to get old
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