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Rebuild 2010...S54 going in.

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  • Rebuild 2010...S54 going in.

    This will be probably be similar to Jason's "Rose" as his pics are what we going off in putting in the S54. Was going to push it back further than what Jason did, but it is impossible to go back further than 4.5 inches using the stock dual sump pan unless you go back another 6 at least which presents a whole nother set of issues. Could do a few more inches but this will require a dry a sump. Might do this in a year or 2 but not now. Time crunch to see if I can get this ready for Winterfest.

    Now for the pics...
    Front end E36 style. Removed the core support. Will modify to allow it to bolt back in place mostly as is. We are working on trying to get the radiator tilted back a bit (actually the bottom of the radiator forward a bit) to help vent all the air that goes thru the radiator out the hood vent. I used to drop the subframe out of the car to get the engine out, this will now make it easier to slide the motor out the front.

    2nd pic is the rear parcel shelf removed. Will put a new panel in there that is smaller due to having the fuel cell requires it to be isolated from the passenger compartment.
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    Firewall hole.
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      very interesting i love pics
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      88 M3 AW Track Car s54
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        Just got a text. Motor is in. Waiting on pics.


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          I wish I had converted my front to E36 style when the slam panel was replaced.
          Makes engine fitting much more easy.

          Looking forward to more pics, especially of sump

          Goodbye M3, you served me well.


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            How good did it handle with the S50B32 in it? Looks like you have a lot of rubber up front. Does the level of torque that these S50/S54's have change the characteristic of the E30M3 chassis much? How well does this chassis put the power down?

            I am itching to get back to the track, but want to see if the E30 chassis is better than the E36 chassis for these power plants. I can get a decent E36 chassis locally for $4000.



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              I had no issues with the handling before. I did a lot of lightening mods- FG, delete PS, manual rack, etc. Rear grip is good (upgraded wing to Brooks just before Ofest). Added used rebuilt 4.10 after Ofest that hasn't been on track before. Front end aero sucks- need better bumper.

              Jason says his S54 moved back handles like an S14.
              Another local E30 M3 is going S54 in stock location so we should have the ability to compare back to back.


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                I've had the opportunity to drive Bruce's car several times, and it's never NOT handled like an E30 M3 :-) a very FAST one... mind you...
                Mark Williams
                Dallas, TX

                Nothing says "welcome to the neighborhood" like a search... oh wait... looks like they are all gone! :rastajake:



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                  excellent. i guess the cat is out of the bag.

                  plans for the sway bar? i tried front mount, but ran into tire rubbing issues. straight bar (nascar style) worked with pillow blocks close to the stock location. (and it kept the weight over the tires.) Im interested to see what you come up with.

                  radiator tilt w/ hood venting? i think i might tackle this later this winter along with aero / new gauge layout.

                  VERY interested to see how this progresses.

                  ps. you were my inspiration for the s50b32 a few years back.

                  cheers, jason


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                    Still waiting on pics, but I don't think there is anything that needs to be done to the sway bar. I just have a stock front bar. The trickiest part of locating the motor was getting the steering rack as close to the rear of the front sump as possible. Then the subframe and sway bar have enough room to sit between the 2 dumps without issue. We will see. I got a text saying "motor is
                    in" and it didn't indicate any other issue.

                    Yes, we are planning on venting all of the air thru the radiator out the hood vent.

                    We also added AN -20 bungs to the thermostat housing and the radiator to put braided lines.

                    I guess turn about is fair play on the inspiration!


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                      Can't wait to see the finished product.


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                        More crappy cell phone pics. Hope to have the car back at the house in about 10 days.

                        Pic 1 has the motor in the car but still on the engine hoist (very out of focus).
                        Next pic shows the intake side of the motor.
                        Next pic looking down the firewall at the headers towards the subframe. Stock swaybar still there- no pics from underneath yet.
                        Next pic is the rear exhaust side of the motor from the inside of the car
                        Last pic is trying to see if I can fit a CF intake- not looking good.
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                          Thank God, Bruce, for doing a real, go-fast performance thread. I feel like has been seriously lacking in that department lately, and chock-full of mostly show-and-shine...


                          "Objects in mirror are losing..."


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                            Blimey, that engine position is a lot more back thank I envision.
                            What was your goal? Get engine back as far as possible or just to clear the Sump?

                            In your case I guess weight distribution is the goal.

                            can you by any chance take a picture from the side of the car to get an idea where the engine sits?

                            Goodbye M3, you served me well.


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                              Goal was both. Wanted to retain dual sump and get better weight distribution. Jason said that his motor moved back handles better than his Euro swapped car. We will see.

                              I also wanted to help the cooling ANC front end aero by getting all the air thru the radiator out the hood vent.

                              I'll get more pics when I get the car back. It is now 6 hours away from me. I'm at the mercy of the fabricator taking pics.