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  • French guy...german car...US Forum : M3 E30 for track

    Hi gentlemen,

    My mane is Sebastian, I'm french and very pleased to present you my project on my M3 e30 since the purchase (5 years ago) to the track version passing through the street version.
    Hope you 'll find this thread interesting and I'll try to give you a maximum of details, and count on you to help me on technical stuff.

    So, let's start !!
    Here the car when I purchased it

    Then, after a couple of years working on a street version before starting the project for track.

    The custom interior, based on the RECARO SRD

    Here the details

    Now, the heart of the car, the engine.

    And after

    So, why a S50 Euro rather than a S14 ? Just because the cost of a S14 with +/- 300HP is very expensive, and moreover, the cost of use is also much more expansive than the cost of the S50 euro with the same power. That why, the decision of the S50 Euro was taken.

    However, I done a full revision of the engine, so as to be safe.
    Just some pics (I have all the steps of the engine rebuilt if you want)

    Here some details

    Now, the chassis.
    The coilover : H&R + BILSTEIN

    Front caliper

    Rear caliper

    My custom brake kit
    Front : 322x32mm Porsche 993 twin turbo rotors
    Rear : 315x22mm M3 E36 Euro rear rotors

    That was the first version of my M3.
    You can find all the pics here :

    Coming soon : the project for track that I started few months ago and that I'm still working on.

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    That's a great looking car with some serious attention to the details!


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      looks great..


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        beautiful transformation!


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          Hello Seb !

          PS: Seats are mine now :blues:[peace]


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            Welcome! Incredible looking car - thanks for sharing it with us. I'm looking forward to seeing what else you have in store for it.


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              Nice work, and beautiful car!!! I would love to own those seats - Mika, you are lucky!! Very nice!! I understand your reason to select the S50B30. I have rebuilt one and it was not fun!! It was also actually much more expensive than rebuilding an S14 here in the states because there are very few parts here for this engine and most parts had to come from the dealer who had to get them from Germany.
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                Love the build and can't wait for more pictures and write up to come.



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                  I can see the sweat you put into this project.

                  Its coming alone slow but truly !

                  The 3.0 S50 Euro is a screamer with its mere 286hp. What else a stock E30 M3 chassis needs...perfect manageable power !





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                    Amazing build! Wissssssh I have the money & skills to do the same:(
                    great job :OMG:


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                      Thank you very much for your comments, it's very gratifying!

                      So, if you read the title of the thread, it's talking about a track project.
                      Of course, in this kind of project, there is no place for confort, leather, electric windows ... !!!!

                      So after the street version, and because I recently moved near a track, the decision was taken to use this M3 for track.

                      Here we go !!

                      The interior. Now it belongs to a friend of mine (MIKA on this forum)

                      Don't be surprise if you think that the differents steps are not done on the right way. Normally the "normal" timeline for this kind of project is :
                      - a complete restoration of the shell
                      - mount the rollcage
                      - work ont the chassis

                      As my house is under construction, I still not have a "confortable" garage to work on the car and espcially on the chassis and the rollcage, so while awaiting the completion of the construction, I work ont others thinks.

                      First of all, and because the car must stay "functional", I had to put a seat on it !
                      Just one seat on the car : "light is right"
                      Recaro Pole position

                      The VAC Motorsport bracket : Hight level quality !

                      Here the difference with the SRD

                      In the car with the harness

                      Here tow eye strap

                      Now, one of my favorite part on this car, a sort of dream come reality with the help of a friend of mine who has a shop in France ( )

                      BBS centerlock wheels !!
                      Here the hub (the pic is during the mount, the most perceptive of you may have already noticed that some screws are missing)

                      And with the wheels

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                        Nice. I love the center lock conversion


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                            With the help of a CAD software, I decided to design a new fuel system, with the inspiration of the DTM setup.

                            First of all, the I designed a new fuel tank.
                            Here the draft

                            Manufacture in progress
                            You can see in the middle a collector so as to limit surge effect.


                            2 fuel filler brackets

                            Now it's time to drill some big holes !!!!!

                            Some parts for the fuel system

                            Swirl pot

                            Low pressure / high flow pump to fill the surge tank

                            High pressure fuel pump : Bosch 044

                            Fuel filter

                            You can see the model of the pump/filter/swirl pote bracket made with paper.
                            The fabrication of this part is actually in progress.

                            At this moment some stuff are still in progress : vent and fuel level sender unit.



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                              Sweet setup, I love the transformations, it's like the car has a life of its own!