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Doing It The Other Way.. S14 into E30 non-M3

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  • Doing It The Other Way.. S14 into E30 non-M3

    Not being in a position to buy a complete E30 M3 race car, or even a road-car to convert to a race car, I have bought an S14B20 to put into my existing E30 race car instead. The long term plan is to develop the engine into a race-engine over time, and then swap into an E30 M3 shell in the future. The question is, has anyone else out there put an S14 into a non-M3 E30? What are the things to look out for? Car is RHD, so I know I will have to modify the exhaust header. Any tips or info on getting the wiring to join up would be most helpful...

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    There was a very successful US club racer named Paul Porteus who had a very fast S14 powered E30.
    I have not seen or heard from him in years, he got out of racing, but his car was pretty quick and actually lighter than similarly prepared E30 M3s of the day.
    He got that thing pretty light.
    Sorry for the vague description and lack of detail, but i know its been done with success.
    jimmy p
    jimmy p.
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      Pm, CGMotorsports here and ask him if he can help. He just completed a stunning restoration of a friends e30 318is, with s14 swap.


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        Here's someone from Australia who has a 2.5 S14 in a RHD car.

        88 M3 - LACHSSILBER/M TECH
        85 323I S52 - ALPINEWEISS/SCHWARZ


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          Thanks for the info, and posting the link to the build in Aussie, unfortunately that guy has done the whole works and got lots of "custom" parts made to complete the conversion, getting round the RHD issues that way. Well beyond my remaining budget unfortunately, but it does give me some ideas. The S14 is due to arrive in the country on Sunday morning, so Customs permitting I should be able to pick it up some time next week. Then I can start to get an idea of some of the issues I will be facing with the swap. Sump baffle (as the car will be raced), oil cooler and electric fan are the first items on the list, then to start thinking about putting it in the hole...


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            Have now got my hands on the engine and gearbox + associated bits, and I am absolutely stoked with it, can't wait to get it in the car. Before I can throw it in the hole though I need to find a sump (oil-pan) baffle, anyone got a pattern I can copy or know of a good source??


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              I just did this swap and posted here, see 323is build.
              It's pretty straight forward, You'll need the drivetrain from an m3 including engine, trans, clutch, shifter, driveshaft, trans cross member and tans mounts
              Also the engine mount brackets and motor mounts from an M3
              The m3 radiator will mount with the brackets avail from BMW
              I made a bracket to mount the coolant resivoir in the correct location.
              The wiring harness and ECU from an M3 are also required.
              If you use a horizontal baffle make sure to moun
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