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    Hey guys, I just discovered this site, Ive been a fan of the E30 for a while, but can never seem to find one around I can afford. Anyways, I was curious if you know any places on the net where you can buy a replacement engine? I saw a M3 on eBay with no engine and was wondering what I could expect to spend to get it running again. Thanks for any help or insight.

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    IF all else is in good working condition the expect to pay $4,500 for a good used 2.3.

    Figure another two days labor to install etc.

    If you want a screaming 2.5 fully built you ar egoing to pay near $9,000 if somebody builds the whole thing for you.

    Same two days to install as above.

    NOt easy to find an engine typically.

    But maybe Alex Mchenry will sell you his S14!



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      Looking at that E30 M3 (shell) on Ebay, I wouldn't pay more than $2K for it. The parts will be VERY $$$$$!

      If you have to buy the parts to rebuild it, you'd be better of finding a cheap one with all the components and update it as you go along.

      The best way is find a pristine car and save yourself a lot of time and $$$.

      Just my opinion though... :cool:
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        This M3 you saw on eBay that has no engine-its the black on in Alpharetta, GA right? If so, just to let you know I saw this shell in person on Saturday. It would take a ton of money to bring it back into a streetable car. It has no interior, no suspension, etc. You would be much better off trying to find one that is complete. If you were just looking for a track or project car and have the money, time, and experience for it, then it might suffice.

        I personally would not deal with this place. You can read my experience with them here:

        Eric Giles
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        Eric Giles
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          Yea, I was looking at that black one on Ebay, But I guess ill just have to save up for one thats in better condition. I guess its not as easy to find motors for these cars as japaneese cars. Oh well. I was just looking for something cheap I could make fast, handle well and look bad ass. This probably isnt the best way to go when youre on a budget. :p I've been looking into some second gen. RX-7 Turbos as well. Gotta love the old school. Thanks for the info guys.


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            I have a good engine for $3200 in NJ


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              Well that's convienent..unfortunately, I think i'm gonna have to pass on that. Thats about how much i have now to spend on a car. :p broke ass college kid here, maybe in the summer when im making money again.