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tilton twin disc clutch kit

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  • tilton twin disc clutch kit

    im building a s14 turbo and i would like to put a twin disc clutch and i was looking and found that vac haves a tilton clutch i was woundering if any one haves used this clutch or what other companys are out there that have a twin disc clutch thank you

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    I've used the Tilton cerametallic twin in my Mitsu EVO 8. In short, if your car is a street car, you will find three issues with this clutch:

    (1) The small diameter equates to a complete lack of torque to move the vehicle cleanly from a stop. This can be a problem, especially in hilly areas.

    (2) The clutch is either engaged or disengaged, with no slipping ability.

    (3) The clutch is so noisy that it makes the car sound like a hoopdie with a terrible exhaust rattle, especially upon deceleration.

    The Tilton unit should be regarded as a racing only clutch with fairly poor street manners. I am in the same boat, but as no one seems to make a full diameter, carbon based twin, if I had to buy one tomorrow, I would probably end up with a SPEC Stage 3+ single with aluminum flywheel. See:
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      I've had good success with RPS carbon twin disc (Supra though no experience with their clutch on the E30), slippable, rebuidable, 10k miles of mixed-use between rebuilds, slighty heavier engagement than stock. Downside was clutch chatter at idle. looks like they make a signle & twin disc clutch for the E30.


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        what about the clutch masters new fx850. its supposed to be a crazy clutch.


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          has anything new come out in the last year ?

          reccomendations Ted B ?


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            IIRC John Johnson runs a twin disc tilton with a hydraulic throwout bearing...


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              check sachs out i have the heavy duty clutch kit in a e30 s50 turbo street car 700bhp (think they do s14 too). its a little heavy but its easily drivable at slow speeds, setting off etc etc


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                I use the Sachs MS 228mm one. I can confirm good manners and quiet, and held my ~400 hp fine. Europeans rate it for 600 hp with a 4 or 6 puck friction disk.

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