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E30 M3 Rebuild/Turbo Project

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    Itís getting there. I am currently designing and building the turbo manifold. Also, I am having the original lower oil pan extended to hold an additional ~2 quarts. This is mainly to aid in reducing engine oil temperature; especially during prolonged track sessions. I will update the thread with pictures of the manifold and oil pan when available.

    Here is what I have done since the last update:

    ARP head studs

    Head installed

    Cam carrier installed

    Original cam followers installed in the order they were removed. I will not be using a shim under the bucket since I don't plan on running the engine past 7800RPM.

    Cams installed

    Timing chain/sprockets/guide installed

    Blasted, pressure washed and painted the following parts. (The baffle was not painted)


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      It's looking good, I can't wait see the manifold. Keep us posted.



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        Here are the ITB's after blasting, cleaning, painting and lubrication.

        A package came in from Turner Motorsports. (Intake Manifold gasket repair kit and exhaust studs that can be threaded in using a hex key.)

        ITB's installed.

        S54 TPS installed using spacer.

        Cam guide covers.

        Trigger wheel set-up.

        Reconditioned parts.

        I decided to refinished the intake manifold and valve cover myself with plans to buy a power coating set-up down the road.
        Started out by stripping all the old paint. (Excuse the dirty shop car.)

        The outcome of the intake manifold. (Finished in wrinkle black with brushed lettering.)

        New bushing on the intake manifold.

        A portion of the OEM BMW parts I ordered came in. (Rest are special order from Germany)

        New bushings for the power steering pump bracket.

        Tacked the oil pump nut.

        Installing bits and pieces. Oil separator is new.

        Intake trumpets/venturi installed.

        Intake manifold installed.


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          Originally posted by 88M3 View Post
          It's looking good, I can't wait see the manifold. Keep us posted.

          Thanks Hugo! Will do.


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            I adjusted the valves and was able to get the valve lash within .011-.013". The factory spec is .010-.014" on a cold engine for both intake and exhaust side. Before adjustment most clearances were around .015" with one that was 018" Luckily, I found various new shims at the shop from an older 92 Volvo 740 which are interchangeable with the S14/S38 shims. Through swapping shims around and using the Volvo shims I had, I only needed to order one shim :alright

            A shot of the bottom of the engine in its current state.
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              Here are the COP's I will be using. They are OEM Denso coils commonly used in Honda CBR600's. I machined the factory S14 wire plugs to make extensions since the CBR coils are too short.

              I also took the time to rebuild the power steering pump to ensure leak-free operation. Here is the ZF kit I used.

              Here she is patiently waiting.

              The original subframe was torn around the engine mount location. I found an inexpensive replacement from an accident free donor car which I will be reinforcing using AKG's kit.

              The engine bay had an insane amount of sludge everywhere. Here are some before and after shots.


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                Here is the design of original exhaust flange I would have liked to use. It merges from the shape of the exhaust port coming out of the head to a circle that is the inner diameter of 1.5 Schedule 10 piping. I was not able to get these pieces made because they require a 5-axis EDM machine in order to machine the inside of the flange which I do not have access to. (These flanges are very similar to the ones Anders used on his top mount turbo manifold)

                So, I made another CAD drawing of something simple my machinist's equipment is capable of cutting.

                Here are the finished pieces in 304-SS.

                I did not feel like spending $1200 on a DTM oil pan so I am extending the factory oil pan to hold an additional ~1.5 quarts of oil. With the bigger oil pan and oil cooler I should be able to circulate an additional 2 quarts of oil in the engine which will keep temperatures and contamination down. Currently, I am working on a trap door baffle for this side of the oil pan.
                The following was done on a Bridgeport.

                Valve cover painted in the same theme as the intake manifold.

                Installed the valve cover on the engine with the new COP setup. I am pleased with how factory it looks! :rastajake:

                Venair 13-piece silicone hose kit came in. I got an awesome deal on these. They replace all coolant hoses as well as major vacuum hoses.

                Quick ratio Z3 rack came in as well

                I did some serious cleaning on the transmission. It was baked in gunk due to 20+ years of use and a leaky rear main seal. I replaced the input and output shaft seals as well.

                Here is the US Getrag E30 M3 gear box all painted up.

                And lastly the refinished bell housing.


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                  Amazing work and love the engineering you are doing! Can't wait to see how the exhaust manifold turns out? Keep up the great work, these are the builds I love to see. The more I see this build the more it makes me want to turbo mine. Keep the pictures coming!



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                    Beautiful build and a great read.


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                      Thanks! I will keep the pics coming as I make progress.


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                        Update time! Its been hard to make serious progress due to other priorities. Here is what is new since last time.

                        T3 divided twin scroll merge collector!

                        I ordered a spray can of Brilliantrot 308 from Microfinish to touch up a few spots in the engine bay. I'm sure I will need it again for other things later.

                        Subframe Reinforcements welded in.

                        Machined up a pair of steering rack spacers on a lathe to mount the Z3 rack on the E30 subframe.

                        The subframe, steering rack and E38 740i engine mounts. I am not a fan of Polyurethane engine and transmission mounts. I have had bad experiences with them and prefer OEM pieces. Plus, when installed in a certain orientation, the E38 mounts lower the engine about 5mm and shift it back about 6.5mm. I also ordered UUC swaybars. However, due to the rear endlinks being out of stock, they have not arrived yet. No big deal, I was just planning on mounting the front bar to the subframe and installing everything at once.

                        New E30 replacement ball joints for the 96+ M3 front control arms I am using. Total cost is less than half of a single control arm!

                        Fresh paint and ball joints. I eventually want to run the Treehouse Racing FCABs but they will have to wait for now.

                        AKG 75D steering coupler came in.


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                          Coming along nicely… love the twin-scroll collector, you're going to do equal length headers and dual wastegates? Which turbo did you settle on (hp goal)?


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                            Thanks Rich

                            I will be running dual wastegates. Shooting for equal length headers as long as it does not interfere with frame of the vehicle. I refuse to cut/grind/bend any metal on the car. Settled on the GTX3076R and I am aiming for a solid, reliable 400whp on 2600lbs.


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                              thiis is incredibly impressive charbel, i remember you mention you were planning on doing this when you rolled my quarter panels on my e46


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                                Originally posted by oliver.r View Post
                                thiis is incredibly impressive charbel, i remember you mention you were planning on doing this when you rolled my quarter panels on my e46
                                Thanks man! Hope everything is going well.