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E30 M3 Rebuild/Turbo Project

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    Impressive setup, man. I wanna hear how she sounds on the road!
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      BUMP for some update pics


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        I hate threads that end like this....


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          Apologies for the lack of updates. I started a great job shortly after getting the car running in 2014 and honestly haven't had much time at all to tinker with it. It makes it especially hard when I see it once every month for the weekend. I am currently about ~365 miles from where the car is currently stored and am trying to fix that soon.

          Good news is the car is running great. It has been converted to run on E85 fuel and I have put about 4000 miles on the engine now.

          Had some issues with the MLS multi-layer gasket sealing well under higher boost levels. I ended up replacing the head gasket with a cutting ring style and that has alleviated all issues.

          Next up is integrating knock sensors with the ECU and getting the tune dialed in on the dyno.

          I'll try to get some go-pro footage with external mic posted when I get a chance.

          Here is a link to a video of the first start up back in 2014:

          Another video:

          Current state of affairs


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            Update from the dead! Nice. Look forward to seeing some footage if you put it together.
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              What a great thread ! Keep it coming.
              Have a nice day. :hi: