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Turbo smog legal in cal....?

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  • Turbo smog legal in cal....?

    Is it possible to have a s14 that's smog legal in California? I've come to the realization that even though I'm up to my eye balls in projects I need to start thinking about an Engine rebuild and I'd like more power! My wife laughs at me when the modern cars just drive away on the straights ! Maybe I should just get rid of her? I just know turbo basics but if I go this way I'd like low boost/ mild build so I don't turn the trans & rear diff into gravel...

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    Short answer, no.
    it won't pass smog


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      only smog legal FI for BMW was Dinan supercharger.
      I have dyslexia so most the time my writing and spelling looks okay to me


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        It wont pass the visual inspection at your local smog test station.

        Which is dumb because even if your car runs cleaner that a Prius they will deny you based on what the bay looks like vs. what is coming out of the tailpipe.

        I am not up on what the techs at the Referee stations are look for these days...
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          I think I'm registering out of state... I'm starting with an office in AZ and NV. CA sucks.


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            options 284/276 cams,Evo fly wheel,port head,performance exhaust,tune will give her get up and go and pass smog! s50 swap and ca bar or move up here WA do what ever you want to her if pre 1989.
            I have dyslexia so most the time my writing and spelling looks okay to me