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    If you're hell bent on going forced induction try sourcing a BMW N20 motor and swap the entire setup... You could change the turbo install a bigger intercooler, CO2 or nitrous and be north of 350hp easily. Good luck, it's not for the faint of heart.


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      I hear ya!! I've built about 12 e36 BMW turbo cars/motors so I know EXACTLY what you mean!! My direction on this project has changed due to the fact that I have a spare S50 turbo built motor laying around the now I'm looking for a roller/shell for the swap/turbo effort. The REAL issue with these projects is tuning. I know 3-4 guys that can tune obd1/obd2 DME's so that's the direction I'm heading. For now, a standalone is just not in my future and the availability of S14 motors and their value has pushed me in another direction. I will find a roller/shell swap in a M50 based 8.5:1 built motor with a nice little GT3582HTA turbo and have a blast. Nice street/crusing car. Appreciate your input...obviously, I've seen your build and the troubles you've had. What an effort!!