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M3 DTM Pics?

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  • M3 DTM Pics?

    Need help finding decent allround pics of the FINA DTM car that was raced in the DTM championship as i gonna decal my car up for LeMans this year.

    Any pics would great help.

    Thanx guys

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    Not the real thing, but a well done replica.



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      check the other site, they just have the same forum for John. lots of DTM pics. (s14power general discussion).
      regards Ogi
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        Holy shit thats a very nice reproduction!!!



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          Stumbling on this old thread as I am doing a Fina/Cecotto livery myself. That car looks good overall, but an educated eye would notice many things that are not accurate.

          - The stripes on the side shall be 1" taller (per colour). Basically 2" taller overall.
          - The slanted stripe on the driver side has the angle of the passenger side. It should be slanted the other way
          - The DTM car didn't have the M emblem on the trunk.
          - The Simtek logo is missing the blue "S". Top of the script on the rear spoiler, and preceeding the script on the hood.
          - There should be no BBS logo on the front lower spoiler's side (and no evo 2 spoiler extension on the car, it should have the lower DTM bumper cover)
          - The Fina script on the hood is about 4" too high, pushing the Fina logo too close to the windscreen. It also changes the angle of the stripes on each side of the Fina script.
          - The fina stripes on the fenders could go more forward by an inch or two

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            Why are there so few Marlboro " Euser" race pictures from back in the day? I'd love to see some of those if anyone wants to post.
            Alles Beste!

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              Eric posted his photos up from DTM revival 2010? There was one there?
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