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  • Alpha-N / CF Box

    Would anyone know when DTM cars started using CF airboxes & the alpha-N chip?

    I'm thinking about entering an e30m3 into a classic car race series, and the formula essentially says only pre-1988 available technology is eligible. Our chief scrutineer isn't sure about the alpha-n chip... and I'd desperately want to run a CF airbox if for nothing but the gorgeous induction sound...

    Grateful if you guys know anything about what was being run on the cars pre-1988!

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    AFAIK the DTM GrA rules allowed intake modifications FROM 1988, which then lead to the appearance of the airboxes.
    But maybe others know better, how exactly the '87 cars looked like...

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      Basically, all you need to do is to find the 1986 Homologation papers for any of the group where the M3 was raced or the 1986 Motorsport catalogue papers.

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        they have used carbon Airboxes in the 1987 DTM.
        look in that Video here at min 0:47 and 1:00
        there you can see it for a second
        Also listen at the sound in the Video
        In some of the 1987 series they had to use "fake" AFM Airboxes like this one

        1 year later they looked like this one-you can see that it would be possible to open that hole on the side of the Airbox to use a AFM



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          Thanks Markus!