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Bigazzi/Pirro 92 DTM M3

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      Awesome job on the car.


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        OMG the sound of that engine is pure unadulterated pron!!
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          I was very lucky to meet Mr. Pirro in Alabama (of all places) about a week ago and actually got to talk to him for about 20 minutes or so about life in general in E30 M3s in particular. I sent him a link to Conrad' resto page afterwards and he was very happy to see "old lady coming back to life"

          Very humble gentleman, very funny and very passionate about cars. He was the star of the show for 3 days in a row (it was APR's distributor conference - he raced an Audi R8 for them a few weeks ago at Daytona Rolex24)

          Yours truly on the right

          APR ALMS Audi R8


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            Awesome stuff

            I have attemped to get in touch with his agency to pass on the video



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              fantastic! Emanuele was always a bit of a hero of mine, I used to remember him from the Nissan-Mobil Wellington street race days, when he drove for the Schnitzer team, and they won the race 4 years running. He was a great driver, very personable with a very good sense of humour! I have been thinking about contacting him to see if we could arrange him to drive my car at a race meeting some time. I think he might be still contracted to Audi though, so that would probably not happen if he is. We will see anyway




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                I have his details. Will fire you an email soon

                Ps if he drives your car im sure we can arrange something a bit special on the video front
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                  Soooo, how much do you want for it???
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                    Originally posted by Larsen-Racing View Post
                    Soooo, how much do you want for it???

                    It is not for sale (okay anything is for sale at a price I guess, but you get the idea) It is one of my dream cars, and took a lot of effort, time and pain to get this car. (with a good dose of luck thrown in!) I am just a regular guy, and I certainly don't have the resources to just go and cut a check for something like this.

                    If you are really serious though, its "sister" car is for sale ATM. Mine is the Pirro car, this is the Soper car, basically identical, and one chassis number apart. 200K will own this:




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                      Wow, this is a realy nice car. this is absolutely my dreamcar.:surprised
                      Keep the video coming.


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                        Two weeks ago I was invited to race at Rod Millens "Leadfoot Festival". This is the second year it has been running, and can best be described as being a down under version of the Goodwood Festival of Speed. The course consists of a 1.6km hillclimb, and there are a lot of displays of cars, motorcycles and trucks. There were about 120 cars running, and we had two runs per day over a three day period. It was an amazing event, and we were well and truly spoilt! ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons was there, and played some numbers with the band at the ball on Saturday night. After starting very cautiously I managed a respectable enough time by the end of the weekend, every run getting faster as I learned the course, such is the nature of hillclimb events.

                        A few pics from the event starting with yours truly:

                        Rod Millens Pikes Peak car, this car won the event fittingly enough

                        Dodge Charger Daytona, that is one BIG car to hustle up a hill!

                        Works 1972 Cologne Capri:

                        "replica" Zakspeed Escort, this thing is FAST

                        F40 Ferrari:

                        Klaus Ludwigs 1988 Eggenberger Sierra RS500:

                        #167, this is Grelley's old car, now sporting Altfrid Hegers 1992 Schnitzer livery:

                        Billy Gibbons' Kool Kustom, 1950's Thunderbird:

                        More pics can be seen here:




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                          Your car just keeps looking better and better every time and photo I see of it, amazing. Hope to see you on the track again soon.