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    I've heard they get bad gas mileage.
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      Did a quick calculation today to see what my MPG is at:
      traveled 235 miles
      filled up 12.6 gallons
      so that would be about 18.6 mpg :(
      not getting the 21 mpg most people seem to be getting. My car is stock 2.3L, stock chip, at 151,000 on the odometer. Changed air filter, spark plugs 5k miles ago
      hm.. maybe highway cruising at 80 is not good for the mileage haha.
      1988 E30 M3 / 2003 E46 M3 (Alpine White / Black) M Power!


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        Around town I get about 19 mpg, on the freeway with the EVO flap fully extended I get 28-30 doing 75-80ish. Stock 2.3L no mods that I know of. On the freeway I can get 300+ miles out of a tank easy. When I bought the car a year ago in Canada I filled up at the boarder, again in Vancouver Washington, from there made a detour to McMinville Or, back out to I5 and refueled in Medford Or. From there I made it to Williams easily, didn't want to chance pushing it to Vacaville (there is a whole lot of nothing on 505). The car at the time wasn't all that happy and needed an oil change like crazy.

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          I get 220 miles on a full tank around town = 15 mpg.
          Modified 2.5L EVOIII+ specs. I'm not easy on the throttle

          Stock E30 M3 I was getting 30 mpg. mostly freeway driving.