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Slow but Steady Progress Thread (88 Zinno)

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  • Slow but Steady Progress Thread (88 Zinno)

    This is a cross post from my thread on r3v. Hope you all enjoy! Just a warning, I dont make progress as fast as most project threads. Hope you dont mind

    On December 2nd, after talking to the seller for about two weeks on the car in Texas, I took a chance and bought my 88’ M3 sight unseen (other than detailed pictures and videos of course). It was a long week, but 7 days later on December 9th, the car finally arrived. It went through the winter storm that covered a major portion of the US, so it came dirty.

    The beginning of its journey

    Loading it off the trailer…

    Stopping at the gas station for gas, and trying to scrape the frost off the inside of the windows. It was cold.

    The car drove fine on the way home, but I don’t think I hit 40 mph. I really was taking it easy as it was below zero and pretty icy.

    And here's some pictures showing the condition of the car before I messed with it. For comparison. (Sorry for low res)

    Here’s some more info on the car. It’s a 12/1987 build, Zinnoberrot on Natur. The s14 has just over 111,000 miles. It was just given a leak down test, and all cylinders were within 5% of each other. The valves were adjusted as well. There are plenty of little things that need to be fixed, and I’ll address everything as I fix it.

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    Last week, it got up to a blistering 18 degrees here in Minnesota, and I attempted to go get the car washed. Well, it wouldn’t start. Turns out the POs kids left an interior light on and drained the battery before it shipped. So, I went and got a new duralast gold battery, and hooked it up to my battery tender. I am glad the car started when I picked it up, because I couldn’t even jump the old battery.

    This weekend I had some free time so I decided to tear out the interior. I wish I had some better before and after pictures of some stuff but it was cold so part of me wanted to get it done. I will be more patient when it’s above freezing

    Some things I notice are missing or broken…a clothing hook (idk how you’d hang anything from here but that’s what they are called)

    Theres a little plastic cover that should cover these screws on the rear pop out window…

    One of the interior lights was out. I figured hey, I got a bulb handy, I’ll just replace it…but the light was broken.[/FONT][/SIZE]

    Who would smoke in a e30 m3…honestly.

    Old, dried out, and torn ebrake boot. Center console was in surprisingly good condition. I had a new one I was going to put in, but this one is in good shape and matches better.

    Cheap shift knob, cheap shift boot. And a lost speaker fader switch…that was plugged into nothing.

    And a worn out cig lighter. I replaced it with a new blank cover for now, until I find a clean cig lighter. Not that Ill ever use it.

    Oh and someone glued the check panel to the headliner cover. Who knows what goes through previous owners minds…but the excess glue rubbed off so it looks better now.

    And it was missing the knee panel under the steering column. Thankfully that was included, and just needed the 3 screws that hold it on.

    OK!!! So now that we know what the issues are…lets start cleaning things up a bit. Everything came out easy as all e30 interiors do except for one part…

    This damn shift knob gave me a run for my money. I gave up trying to pull it off…and sawed it off.

    So with that finally off, I was able to take out the rest of the center console, and assess the carpet.

    Not too bad except for the stain running down the transmission tunnel on the driver side. I didn’t get any after pictures, but I was able to get rid of it with some carpet stain remover. It was more for spot treatment. I will clean the entire carpet in the spring.

    So after pulling the center console…I noticed that the window lock switch wires were plugged into a 25 amp fuse. Not sure why anyone would do this?

    I vacuumed everywhere, including under the back seat, where I found little bits of glass. Interrrrresting. Carpet looks a little better. I brought all the seats inside and cleaned them up as well. Cleaned all the door panels, pillars, seat belts, the dash. I got pretty ocd.

    Some parts I yanked out of my 325i for this car. Never used front and rear ash trays, a plastic cover for the pop out window, and clothing hook.

    Then it was a matter of putting everything back in. I had pretty much new oem black floor mats that I was saving for something. I think this car is worthy.


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      I replaced the ebrake boot and shifter boot with alcantara boots from josh. It will match with my alcantara mtech 2 wheel when I put it in New shift knob, pattern emblem, window lock switch. I tried putting on a leather ebrake handle put it kept pushing the ebrake button down so it wouldn’t engage, so plastic handle for now.

      And from the driver side. Sorry for the quality of pictures due to being in a cold, dark garage.

      After getting everything in, I was about to call it a night, but I decided to change the engine oil too. The car was last registered in 2008, and the person I bought it from didn’t remember when the oil was changed last. Scary. But I changed it and plan to change all other fluids in the spring. Just can’t stand working in a cold garage. So, for the record-- first oil change: December 15th 2013 @ 111,401 miles.


      Okay so the car finally got a wash.

      So unfortunately the car is not in my garage anymore so I dont see it as much. But here are some parts I am bringing to my next visit, hopefully today, that I will install.

      NLA jack cover with the screw to hold it down. Brand new. Score

      Also have this mtech 2 wheel waiting to be put on. The shift/ebrake boot are already in the car.

      I need trim clips for the c pillar window trim, as well as clips for the side skirts. Does anyone know these part numbers? Also, I need a new altitude meter sensor (probably the wrong name but the thing next to the AFM) and i also need an AFM metal clip for the electrical connector. Mine is missing so it wont snap on.


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        Went and put some parts in today. I also attempted to buy some tan 1 series floor mats from the dealer with the intent to put them in my e30, but they did not have the correct color. I will continue perusing this as I'd like to have tan floor mats if possible.

        Anyways, my trunk space was pretty depressing. Missing both of the covers initially.

        Well I fixed that. New jack cover and battery cover. Cleans up the trunk so much.

        Got the screw for the jack cover too

        While I was cleaning up the trunk, I pulled up the carpet piece and steelie spare out and vacuumed a bit. I also removed some wiring that was screwed into the chassis then cut. Silly PO...

        Then I moved to the interior. I got a interior brush kit thing for Christmas that I put to use cleaning the center console and the vents. OCD stuff. Then I decided to replace the mtech 1 wheel

        Nothing against the mtech 1...

        But I had this laying around

        370mm mtech 2 with tri color stitching, done in the same shade of alcantara as the shift boot and ebrake boot. Still not sure if I want to keep them of go with oem leather boots. Opinions welcome.

        And since I haven't shown the condition of the back seat yet

        More stuff coming in this week.


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          Small update. Still waiting on some good stuff to arrive.

          So the other day I realized the bottom of the jack cover held tools. When I checked mine I noticed the spot for the center cap tool was blocked

          Easy fix

          Now I can put the tool in. I'm missing the other lug tool, but I will be ordering it soon. I also have the wheel choke, but need the nut that holds it down. I have the jack on order, then I believe I will have a complete jack kit.

          One of the first things I checked when the car arrived was the tool kit, as I didn't ask about it before buying the car. This was what I found.

          Depressing. Not anymore.

          I'm starting to wrap up the interior, so now I'm doing what I can with the exterior despite freezing temperatures lol. I was missing the pass. side cover here.

          Thankfully I found the part new. Has holes for 5 rivets but the bottom two have nothing to hook onto.

          Does anyone know the part number for the bolts that hold this distributor cap cover on? Supposed to be 3 8mm bolts...


          Ok, another small update, but some cool stuff none the less.

          Two packages arrived today. Does anyone know where I can get this bmw packaging tape?!

          Heres what was in the box. Im still waiting for one more package that has the final item to tie all this together. Windhsield washer cap to go with the new bottle. The silver bolts are hopefully what will hold on my distributor cap cover, but I havent had a chance to test them yet. The weird looking tool is part of the m3 jack system. Ill explain more on that in a second. Also, if anyone knows the part # for the knob that goes on the end of it, please let me know!

          Now my jack cover is complete. All new

          I tried to make my air filter housing look a little nicer. It is pretty worn.

          Looking better...but still might buy a new one.

          And now for the other little package. A brand new owners manual

          And here are the interesting parts/pictures

          Here you can see how the jack system works. Im missing the knob that goes on the end of the jack tool, so if anyone has any info on it, id appreciate it!

          And just a little reminder...

          So I still have some cool stuff on the way and I dont want to spoil any surprises... :rolleyes: I will say I sent my AFM and SI board to Greg to work his magic. Especially excited to see the afm all cleaned up.


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            Welcome, I followed your thread on r3v. Very nice, you've made some great progress.
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              Hi! Also followed you on R3V. Good luck!
              Can you tell the p/n of the screw?


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                Looking good. My airbox used to look like that too. Cosmoline is extremely hard to remove.

                Disclaimer: Remember, I know absolutely nothing, but it doesn't prevent me from having an opinion or suggestion. :


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                  The nut which holds down the jack box is 71122225679. The good news it is also used on the 318i and the is.



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                    Thank you


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                      Time for another update. Things have been slow going as we are lucky when temps get above zero.

                      I pulled the wiper fluid container. It's quite easy when the wiper fluid is frozen....silly texas car. The difference between old and new is very noticeable.

                      Replaced the fuse box cover. The old one was pretty trashed


                      So this is what my barometric sensor looked like...

                      So I bought a used one from my good friend mr Berger

                      Pass brake light had a piece broken off that I'm sure would let water inside.

                      I got hooked up by bmwextremeguy with this like new taillight with gasket. Thank you man!

                      I replaced the missing wheel choke. However the wingnut I bought for it doesn't seem to fit. What part is supposed to hold it down? (Also, yes it bugs the hell out of me that it's too cold to clean areas like this :( )

                      The jack also arrived, so I finally have a fully complete trunk of tools!

                      I found some tan e30 mats. These seem to be tricky to find. I tried to clean them up a bit but I didnt make much of a difference. Anyone know a really good way to clean carpetted floor mats? I am going to try my best not to make these any dirtier.

                      I got my refurbished AFM and si board back from greg. The afm is looking 999x better then it did before, not to mention functioning much better as well.

                      So now I have a afm looks great. But theres no way I can put it back in with the air filter housing looking like this.

                      I tried restoring this already by cleaning it and applying engine bay dressing. That did nothing. So after scraping off some of the paint layer that was on there, I used the 50/50 boiled linseed oil/paint thinner method. I was pretty surprised by the results.

                      Everything looks so much better than before now, and is up to par with how I want the rest of my engine bay to look when completed.


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                        Thanks to b at blunttech I was able to pick up some stuff before we were hit with this winter storm. As the snow came down, I tinkered.

                        New oem euro grilles, center grille, and m3 emblem. Also installed a evo 1-piece bumper gasket

                        Cleaned up some more of the engine bay while it was warm enough. but it won't look complete until I get the valve cover redone,get the wire harness covers on, and replace the coolant tank. But then it should look great! Oh and put the new wiper fluid tank in.

                        New decals from pukar will also help

                        Was able to find some decent looking tan floor mats. I replaced the headlight switch knob too. Front seats are going to get reconditioned soon.

                        So this weekend, I did a little painting. I got some zinno paint from automotive touchup. It came out as expected, not perfect but good enough for the money spent. I painted my euro tow hook covers, two bumper covers and a trim piece from my side mirror that was missing.

                        I also bought a touch up pen from them, and went around correcting some of the paint chips. The pictures only show one coat. When it gets warmer, I will touch them up more.

                        No more missing bumper cover above the muffler.

                        Euro tow hooks installed

                        Clear corners... Still not sure if I am going to keep these or go back to orange. Thoughts?

                        Picked this up from the way home from work...


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                          I pulled the front bumper. It allowed me to bring it inside, clean up the paint chips, properly install the evo gasket, and put on the bumper tape. I also decided to keep the orange corners for now.

                          And a preview of whats next...

                          Well, heres the results of the leatherworldtech kit. I tried using both preval and the crown spra tool. Both did not work well with the dye. That being said, if you blot the final layer of dye with the sponge, it leaves almost no brush strokes and evens the dye out. If you have a compressor with an airgun, id absolutely reccomend using that.

                          So heres what I started with. I didnt get good before pictures of the passenger seat, as it was in pretty good shape to begin with. The driver seat was the reason I went through with this.

                          First, I had to take care of this rip.

                          I bought 'liquid stitch' with my repair kit. While its not the best, it will keep the rip closed, so it doesnt keep catching on my pants and rip even more.

                          You can see in those pictures the extend of the cracking. In this one you can see most bolsters are cracking as well. The thiegh bolster and upper side bolster in particular have seen better days.

                          So, if you want more info or pictures on the process, I can post them or send them to you. But heres how the seats turned out after applying the leather filler, sanding it down, and putting on 5 coats of dye.

                          Heres the passenger seat. There was much less cracking on this seat, so it looks almost new now.

                          Very satisfied with the kit. I spent $100 on everything when it was all said and done. Waiting for the dye to cure completely before I throw them back in the car.


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                            Great job!
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                              As I just passed through the same process I will allow myself several hints. Questions are also here ))

                              This cover is broken on the most of 2-door e30 which I saw. So do not worry ) The hook covers this more or less

                              Side skirts clipas are 51 71 1 933 125 or you mean a different one? This one in #5

                              Where did you get the spark plug whrench? At what price?

                              This one is holds on 4 clips - the forth goes to cover #17 on the pic below. Do you have the covers? They are still available new from dealer.

                              This new style black cover is odd. White is available again by part number
                              61 66 1 364 807

                              Do you know the part number of the nut holding it?

                              These covers are not painted

                              There are 3 6mm bolts (8 mm head). But very short - like 6-7 mm. Plus 3 washers.

                              Be attentive with all 4 bumper covers! They have TOP sign on the back not to mix up top and bottom