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My Alpine White E30 M3 Project

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  • My Alpine White E30 M3 Project

    I picked up my e30 m3 from a fellow member Dcvee with about 129k miles in July 2016.

    Posting pics on here is a bit annoying, so I'll have to link pics from another thread.

    The S14 is also getting some love. Bumping compression up to 11.1 with some JE pistons. The rods have been checked, and are in great shape. Part of me would like to do rods, but I'm not sure its worth doing since this car will be weekend early morning drive car for me.

    I know Dcvee also purchased this car from another fellow member, so at least the past owners can see the car be renewed.

    Thoughts, and comments welcome.

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    Looks like good progress. Keep it up!