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S14 rebuild 2022

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  • S14 rebuild 2022

    Spun a bearing on my s14 in September last year.
    finally opened it up after Xmas to find the cause was most likely oil starvation = failed oil pump. Damage is minimal.
    So one thing has led to another and now I'm planning a 2.5 Stroker Kit with the bells and whistles.
    it's originally a 2.3 late model 215hp engine with 156k miles. Previously rebuilt in 2014 by a workshop I won't name. Poor workmanship is all I can say.
    Car has had a nut and bolt restoration using every new part where possible. Recycling only parts that are NLA. Uprating everything possible along the way

    Ultimately it's a street car I intend cherish forever and hand down one day to a loved one. So budget has not played a part in this parts list. Moreover reliability/sound/preventative measure/ usable power has taken priority.
    So far here is my parts list.

    Schrick Cams 284 276
    Oem 2.5L Evo3 Crankshaft
    94.5mm JE Pistons
    Arrow connecting Rods
    Compression Ratio 11.5.1
    Heavy Duty pins - Yes
    Dome Coating - Yes
    Skirt Coating - Yes

    VAC Coated rod Bearings
    VAC Coated main Bearings
    VAC Oil pump upgrade/fix kit
    VAC S14 Megasump with Baffle
    Paper oil pan gaskets (upper/lower)
    VAC crank Trigger 60-2
    VAC+ Multi Layer Steel Headgasket (thickness to be established)
    VAC Heavy Duty Alternator Bushings
    VAC Throttle position kit

    E30 M3 S14 wideband o2 sensor
    S14 fast reacting intake sensor
    Fuel pressure sensor
    Fuel temp sensor
    Oil pressure sensor
    Oil temp sensor
    EGT sensor 8mm or 7mm
    Carbon airbox DTM - Markus
    Weicher 39.5" fake carbon strut brace
    Fuel rail adapter for fuel pressure regulator AN6

    CSF Oil cooler kit + sandwich plate/ black hoses

    Vibra technics engine mount

    oem bmw s14 oil pump
    Oem bmw groupN transmission mount # 23711417246KT
    OEM crank damper
    Schrick Valves
    Schrick Springs
    E36 M3 oem Cam Followers
    New ignition wiring oem
    All round ARP bolts Main/head/flywheel

    I have sent my getrag 265 gearbox and 3.25 diff to Neil at Allgears in Worksop for a full rebuild using all new upgraded internals.

    I did opt for the Turner motorsport shifter rebuild kit with polyurethane bush to fit over the rebuilt gearbox

    Alongside this exhaustive parts list I am planning to send the cam covers for refinishing.

    I have a full extended alcantara interior on order with Amxperformance since last year. This includes
    alcantara trim dash
    Footwell Speaker covers
    recaro sr3 heated seats
    door cards front and rear
    mtech2 370mm steering wheel alcantara

    I am in the process or procuring air conditioning parts for retrofit using a more modern system but implementing the oem heater matrix. (This part has me stuck. Will update as It progresses)

    This has consumed me to say the very least.

    I am not an engineer and have a very basic understanding of s14. I have the help of good friends and this forum.
    I'm sure I've missed a load of things

    For some reason I cannot upload pics

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    Merged redundant thread here
    It's 350am I am self isolating. So I've found the time to create a post on my s14 rebuild and the rabbit hole it has become. Spun a bearing on my s14 in September last year. finally opened it up after Xmas to find the cause was most likely oil starvation = failed oil pump. Damage is minimal but the obsession is maximum. So one