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Newera's E30 M3 project - Fuji, Japan.

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    Miguel - I hope you, your family, and everyone are doing well and a speedy recovery in Japan.
    I'm also an ae86 owner and I've seen your Levin on the c4ag. Both of your ae86 and e30 are amazing.

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      Life in Japan's same as normal. Every foreigner I've spoken with who lives here agrees the foreign media is sensationalising their news - some more than others, if only to sell more news...

      The devastated area in the North East is going to remain pretty difficult as many have lost their families & homes, which is the saddest & the problems at Fukushima are taking time to resolve, but they're not likely to worsen. There are radioactivity monitoring stations all over the country & the information's regularly updated and accessible by the public. It's the best form of knowing things aren't as bad as some speculate. It's clear there are no dangerous levels outside the exclusion zone.
      Japan's shown before it's good at getting back on it's feet and rebuilding. They're used to earthquakes and most of the houses are able to withstand tremors with no damage.

      We're not suffering any shortages, etc. The initial difficulties getting food & supplies was because people were panicing and buying because they didn't know what might happen. Within a few days all was back to normal and by the time we returned to Shizuoka everything was same as before we left.

      Hoping to get the crank pulley mounted sensor all fitted and the car running soon, but this M3 remains a low priority hobby right now as we've recently bought a 200 year old traditional Japanese house which needs some improvement before we can move in. Despite being so old, it didn't suffer any damage at all.

      Tony, thanks for the compliments on the AE86. It's a bit wilder than the M3, but was the inspiration for it... I'm nearly finished building another for a customer in Europe from the ground up as a lightweight full hill-climb spec car. When it's completed you'll probably see it on Speedhunters & other media.
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        So fast forward....can we get an update? Or did I miss it. Neat that your car has a retro fitted AC unit. Does it work well?
        Who knows where I'll be, changes from day to Continent.


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          Haven't updated in a while. Car runs - but I haven't had the time to finish it off properly, this being one of several cars I have as toys.

          With a 3 year old daughter and pregnant wife, business to run and restoring & improving a traditional Japanese farrmhouse the last 6 months (moving in this weekend!) , things have been very busy - so the M3's been mostly under it's cover waiting for me to have the time to properly finish it... Drove it to the new place (On temp plates) last week, was fun to do. Map still needs tweaking so it runs good, but it's getting there.


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            I've been dying to find out if you ever got the Vipec running with the standard crank (flywheel) sensor and BMW cam sensor. Did it work, and would you please give some details?


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              Hi Anders,

              I used a VAC crank sensor kit and BMW E34 M5 cam sensor in the end. Works OK.


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                Lovely thing! Very nice..
                Sterling M3 project..


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                  Any update ??


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                    Nice setup! Hope you make more progress this year


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                      Thanks for the DIY newera, it made doing the COP setup almost a no-brainer. Kudos!

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                        Are you still in Japan? I'm near Fuji now, in Yokosuka and would like to come over and check out your car.



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                          Good stuff! Subscribing for a future project.
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                            It's been so long but curious if you have any updates on your car. It's one of my favorites! Hope all is well

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