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Motorsport legends, 1st project

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  • Motorsport legends, 1st project

    A quick shooting of the first project i build for a friend.
    I'll post more picts later from the beginning of the project.

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          Very nicely done! Great job! :OMG:


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            VERY, VERY nice indeed Roland. I wouldn't expect nothing worse from you. I got 2 questions for you. What was the set-up used to fit the S50 (it looks like it seat quite aft) and what's the brake set-up you used?
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              Thanks !
              I used e28 motor mount bushings with the standard e36 motor Supporting brackets.
              The complete harness is along the shell carrier, for a clean look.

              Front brakes:

              brembo granturismo rotors with Brembo 4 pistons calipers (subaru STI) and pagid pads

              rear brakes:

              Z3M zimmermann rotors with brembo 4 pistons calipers (from the granturismo front kit)


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                Very nice work and great attention to details. Uber clean engine bay. Good work. Nonetheless I couldn't help notice a few screw ups.

                - The pick-up point for the shoulder belts is way too low to be safe. Angle should be 90 with the torso, within 20. Under impact, the shoulder belts will compress you spine the way they are currently installed... Not good. There must be a reason if FIA has established standards.

                - The hydraulic handbrake has a bad design. The travel of the pick-up point for the MC will go much too high and not inline with the travel of the piston. Not tangentiel at all. Therefore some of the force used to pull the lever will be lost...

                - The cage looks good, but the sidebars are of no use at all. They won't protect you. They won't stiffen the shell at all as there's no triangulation. You might as well remove them and it will make no difference.

                Keep up the good work.

                [email protected]

                1969 2002 racecar
                1989 M3 racecar
                e39 Touring


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                  Thanks Lee.
                  It's not a race car, but street one
                  -The handbrake is sold like this, and i have no problems with it.
                  -The rollcage is a SPARCO, i don't built it...


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                    Very nice

                    Where is ABS-pump located, or is it still working ?


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                      Beautiful clean build, the attention to detail is excellent.


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                        very clean, looks like a lot of fun !


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                          Very clean car. Love how you went with a stealth color scheme on the engine.


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                            Car looks awesome.
                            Great work.
                            Thanks for sharing with us.


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                              cool looking car. would of been 10x cooler if it had 2 less cylinders. :gotcha:

                              clean engine bay regardless

                              A special thank you to:
                              archie, chutrain, carfantiti, ///M3 Terr, Jake, G2NY, Justin(OKC), Andyman746, dllance, NameIsStanley, JP, Speedvill, blyguy, MTLALEX, ///M0F01SD, Tom64, GK-E30M3, L James, ///CRISS, Das Boots, e30polak, DrWillb, Cactusjacks1, E30terry, S14E30M3 and all the S14 members who have showed support and contacted me.