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Style 4's on E30 M3's

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  • Style 4's on E30 M3's

    I just bought a set. Google research has some threads on this wheel. I've attached some photos. I'd like to run the 225/50/16's through this winter and buy summer tires in the spring.

    ET 23
    16" x 8"

    Who's running them currently?
    Seems 225/45/16 is the best size. However, limited options and all are summer tires.
    Are spacers required?

    People say 225/50/16 won't fit but here's a picture where they fit. It may limit full steering travel but I'm hoping to have them for street driving through this winter until I can buy new tires in the summer. Think it will work?

    Here some pictures I've found:

    Thanks for your help!

Spacers?? 225/50/16's with 3mm spacers in front, 5mm in rear

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    Look nice.

    Don't drive your car in the winter....that's absurd. If you must I've run 225 50 16 before and they are fine.

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      Thanks for your response!. Don't worry never in the snow, but yes sometimes in the cold!


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        There are some pretty good options out there as far as sticky summer weather tires for 225/50/16 (for a 16x8). I originally wanted to go with the Bridgstone Potenza RE071R's but since i wasnt going to be that active in auto X / HPDE's this year i went with the Potanza RE760 Sports. I did end up auto x'ing and they perfomed really well. The RE071R's will be the stickiest street tire available HANDS DOWN.

        Here's a pic

        sigpic 95 M3 & 88 M3


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          I have a set of style 4's that I have run briefly, with 205/50 front 225/45 rear (Falkens). When I had them on the car I ran them with a 18mm spacer, as I simply could not get the spacers off at the time. It ends up with the low ride height that it was too much offset. I probably could have added a bit more camber, but I didn't keep them on the car that long. Without a spacer they should be a good fit. While I did not have them mounted with snow tires, I did get snowed on while they were mounted.

          I planned to use them with 225/45 Toyo R1R's or Dunlop Direzza ZII's for auto-x/track use, but I just picked up a set of BBS RC 304 17x8 that I will most likely end up using instead.

          I have since raised my ride height, removed the spacers, and am in the process of replacing the entire suspension (GC + Koni + Eibach). Not sure if I will get a chance to test fit them to the car again though, as the wheels are in storage.

          EDIT: Having trouble getting my photos of the style 4's to upload, I have a Google Photos album with a few photos here -


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            Just installed these on my '90. The rims rub the caliper clips up front.They look great and the tires fit just fine but the rim itself is the issue FYI if you are considering this setup. I'm going to try a 5mm spacer although it may need a 10mm...will report back.