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  • Need wheel / tire help

    I have an opportunity to pick up a set of CCW Classic wheels from a racer friend of mine. They are 17x9 ET40 and came off his E46. I am looking to use them as track only wheel / tire set on my E30M3 but have some concerns / questions. We test fit the wheel (without tire) and understand I'll need a spacer, probably 15 to 20mm on front and 10mm on rear. I'm looking at mounting Bridgestone RE-71R tires likely a 225/45-17 on these wheels. Current suspension is GC coils in front and springs / adjusters in the rear. Koni SA dampers on all 4 corners along with GC race camber plates.

    So here goes:

    1) Has anyone used a similar sized setup on their E30M3?
    2) My sense is that the 225 series tire may be slightly narrow for a 9" wheel but will probably work. I think a 235/40 would be ideal but the RE-71R does not come in that size.
    3) If you have this setup do you have any rubbing at full lock?
    4) I am looking at the RE-71R because I will be driving the car to the track (no trailer). I've also been told the RE-71R is a very good non-R comp tire. Your feedback with other brands would be appreciated.

    Any other feedback is appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    you can manipulate the wheels position with a spacer, it will need to net out around et15 to work in the front. Ultimately, 9" is too wide for the front to fit without doing a lot of modifications to the fender lip and camber settings. You'll likely rub on the inside of the fender well no matter what. It's really just a pain in the ass to make them fit and you'll be constantly babysitting how much it rubs and how to avoid it. If it's a dedicated track car and you're happy to make permanent modifications to ensure the tires aren't rubbing all the time it's alright, if you don't want to do any of those things I imagine you won't keep the wheels very long.

    I've run all different 17" wheels in 7.5", 8", and 8.5" widths in the front. After 18 years of e30 ownership and probably 10 different wheel and tire combinations my car is back on stock 15" wheels and my track car is on 15" Kosei wheels and frankly, I couldn't be happier.


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      1990m3 Really appreciate your feedback. Thanks.