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16 X 7.5 Tire Choices

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  • 16 X 7.5 Tire Choices

    I have the EVO 3 wheels and need to get new tires.

    The correct size (225/45R16) have very little to choose from, I have read that the original tire size equated to 24" diameter. The only choice on Tirerack for me would be the Toyos R1R which are speced at 23.9" Diam., These are extreme summer performance tires which isn't really what I was looking for.

    From what I have read, some folks opt for 205/50R16 because the greater variety of options, Many say that they are too tall and narrow. I was looking at Bridgestone Comp-2 A/S which actually have a diameter of 24" (when mounted on a 6.5 inch rim. They do fit a 7.5 rim.

    I do not track or drive the crap out of the car. Mostly cruising while getting adventurous in some winding roads. I have a mild suspension upgrade, H&R Sports with Bilstein HD.

    I'm torn on which way to go and was wondering if anyone has made a similar decision or what your general thoughts on this is.

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    Toyo R1R are the best in my option. They have awesome grip in everything but ice and have a nice square stance on 7.5" with an attractive tread pattern. You won't do better in any regard with all season type tires and if you need snow/ice ability, don't drive a RWD sports car without studs. Get studded blizzaks on a different set of rims or a different car.


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      Get the r1r. Perfect for your described use.
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        I've had great experience with the DIREZZA ZIII (Street, Autocross, Track) but then I'm on Alpina 16x8 square.


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          225/45 x 16


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            Originally posted by jbmike View Post
            225/45 x 16
            ^^^^ This right hee'ya ^^^^
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              Thanks for your feedback. I guess I'll go with the Toyo's in 225/45.