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  • BBS Style 5--questons

    BBS Style 5 off 5series cars.
    What different sizes (Diameter and Width) fit e30 M3's?
    I believe i've seen 17" and 18" diam, and Widths of 8" or 9".
    What sizes are off stock BMW 5 series?
    Any spacers needed?

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    Did we do a search?


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      The 5 series (E39) never came with 18", just the E38 Sevens had 18's. The E39 5's use a bigger center bore than any other BMW (AFAIK) so if you find those, you'll also need centering rings. I believe the E38 18's were originally 8" wide at all four corners but later went to staggered 9" rears. I think the 18's are pretty hard to come by, but nice in that they just bolt on - no centering ring to mess with. Getting 4 matching wheels means you can rotate easily, and a staggered setup usually leads to an understeering car. Not to mention, there are few S14's that have too much power for 8" wider wheels.
      HTH + .01

      P.S. Yes, you should do a search.


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        have one set for sale . regarding spacers you need a 5mm for the front.. mine comes with everything even suspension........


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          Would the Style 5s that fit onto the E39s, if put on an E30 M3 allow enough clearance for a BBK, ie AP BBK?


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            With a E38 or E39 style 5 I *highly* doubt it. I'm tempted to just say "h### no" but in my old age, I've learned to stay away from definitives.

            The spokes on my 8x18's [E38] are almost straight, so that's why I'm saying no. Perhaps the E39 [5 series] are different, but again, I doubt it. There's a lot more E39 Style 5's out there so maybe someone else will chime in. BMW did have a E36 style 5, but they are very rare, but with a higher ET you would have to use a spacer, which would give you more caliper clearance.


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              If the goal is to install a BBK with Brembo or Wilwood calipers, you will need to find wheels with around 40mm offset and use a 25mm spacer. Nothing is easy. You will need a tad more than 2.5 inch between the rotor's face and the inside face of the wheel.

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                thanks for that info. i will try to save up for some wheels with a higher ET. too bad, would have been nice.


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                  Reviving an old thread. Didn't want to start a new one for a tired, old topic. After all I've read, I shouldn't have to ask about Style5 fitment. Just search for 'bbs* style* spacer*' and it's there. So, here goes:

                  I'm changing wheels from E36 Motorsport 7.5x17" et41 with Kumho Ecsta 711 90H 235/40 (tires rub at near full-lock) to Style5 8x17 et20 with Eagle F1 215/40.
                  I test-fitted one on the pass/rear side. The spacer on with the E36 wheel is a BBS, 9.50, .109. The ring on the spacer was not larger than the hub. The Style5 went on and fit fine with and without the spacer. The center of the wheel fits nicely on the hub, no play. I felt around the back of each side as I still had the E36 wheel on the driver/rear. Same clearance all around. With the spacer, the Style5 stuck out past the fender about a cm. Looked wrong. Am I missing something? Everything I've read (did lots of searching) since I've joined this forum says "You need hubcentric rings because A, B and C." Didn't consider lugnut length and found that the ones for the E36 wheels and spacers are too long for the Style5s without spacers, so I didn't fool with the front wheels. Will I find something different in the fronts? I'll pick up some stock lugnuts tomorrow and make another attempt.

                  The way the rear fit on the hub without a spacer or ring/adapter makes me confident that it'll work.
                  Am I wrong? If so, why did it seem to fit well? What don't I understand or am not seeing?

                  Thanks in advance for you patience.

                  BTW- JM3iler, you may want to watch for the answer to this one. Maybe you can benefit from this too...


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                    Mark - I just did all this. You will need hubcentric rings for sure. You can pretty much run anything in the back, there is so much room there it tells you almost nothing. I've run E36 wheels with no spacers back there. For E39 style 5 - in front, the clearance between the spokes and the brake caliper is tight, and the anti-rattle clips will rub - you will need to either remove the anti-rattle clips (search on rattle clip) or add a thin 5mm spacer as hamann said. I removed my rattle clips as many others on this board have done.



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                      i also have the hubcentric rings on my 17x8's and have the clips removed on the front calipers now that i have fresh pads in them. the HP+ pads with no clips has added a lot more noise, but efff it.

                      the front is where you'll have clearance problems (fenders, firewall, caliper). how much depends on what control arms, bushings, and suspension you run.


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                        Thanks Mark!


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                          Thanks John and James. It really surprised me that the rear fit snugly on the hub.


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                            Originally posted by MarkD
                            Thanks John and James. It really surprised me that the rear fit snugly on the hub.
                            probably years of grime and corrosion. i usually hit that area with a scotchbrite pad to clean it up before mounting my wheels


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                              I'll be watching this thread. Thanks for the help guys.

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