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centerlock adapters E30 M3 or E36 M3

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  • centerlock adapters E30 M3 or E36 M3

    anyone have a source for these?
    (new or used...not muzzimotorsport)

    or anyone have info on sizing and what material should be used
    (other than titanium)

    also very welcome : all sources for new/used 17" or 18" centerlock wheels with 5x120 or 10x120 pattern for the drivepins

    i'd like to fit the adapters onto my car with standard hubs and i contacted bmw motorsport but they couldn't say if their adapters would fit oem hubs or if i needed group a hubs to fit them (hubs which do not fit oem suspension since the whole design is completely different)
    stock cars suck...period

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      have u seen this?
      not sure if their mounting kit will 'ONLY' fit their wheels...but thought i'd pass this info onto you. They do have a fitment for a E36.
      Franklin Joseph
      04 Z4
      03 X5
      95 M3


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        thanks man, thats something usefull and the wheels also look ok. very nice they have Tüv approval. i'll contact them and see what shipping will be.

        about the other thread?: i've seen that thread but it doesn't give me any more info than i already had. after that thread started i started searching for adapters and wheels but ended up nowhere since nobody is sure about the adapter thing if it is supposed to go on stock hubs (group A hubs are totally different and cannot be compared to stock hubs)
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          just saw the weight of those wheels..there heavy to go on my car..also you can only use the monotoora wheels so any other wheels with centerlock won't fit :-(
          stock cars suck...period


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            Centerlock and wheels

            Here you can get brand new centerlocks and BBS centerlocked wheels in the DTM style:


            I got a set of this BBS wheels for my M3 and they are pretty nice.


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              that looks more like it, only the centerlock adapters are the "small" type instead of the big ones...but better than nothing ofcourse...i'm gonna find out now how to get +4000euro's
              stock cars suck...period


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                I have a set of org. BMW centerlock adapters, and they can be mounted on the stock M3 hubs with some a little modification of the hubs.

                Can tell you what to do, and send you pics if you like.



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         on it's way.
                  stock cars suck...period


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                    On Ebay you can find a set of centerlock hubs. Here is the link:


                    Look in the other autions of him, he sales centerlock wheels, too.