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*help* need some opinions about my wheels

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    if it was me id go with the lms, then the acts, then the rs's. heck, id think i was the shizzle if i had even one of those sets of wheels!

    looks better than it runs :/


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        LMs of course you are MR. BBS. After that ACTs
        Drive it like you stole it!


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          I think i'm the only one that likes the 18 inch RS's with the fatty dish... i know they would shure as hell look the buisness on my M5 passing people on the autobahn. Some opel driver isn't going to think "man they need to make the meshies bigger instead of more dish" as i fly past him on the autobahn!

          Markus i really like the RS's but i've never been a fan of the gold wheels on a red car.

          the ACT's look funny in that picture. every other time i've seen your car i love the look of the ACT's

          the LM's i don't think look that good on E30 M3's that white one that is your buddies looks nice, but it doesn't fit the car like i would hope they did. My MVR wheels were the same deal, they look tits on an E36 M3, but don't look quite right on the E30 M3

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            I would vote for the LM's if they had black centers to match up with the trim of the car and your C/F parts. So I voted for the ACT's instead because they just absolutely go with the red car. I'm not a big fan of the gold on red they kinda clash.

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